Another installment of my weekly video-log (vlog), focused on discussing my process around turning fibre and fleece into yarn and, eventually, knitted objects.

We are having a wet and rainy July here in Vancouver, BC. No sun in the forecast for another week or so. Hopefully you are experiencing sun and summer where you, if you are in the Northern Hemisphere! In this episode: A new spin, an old spin, some knitting and how I store my spinner’s control cards. Have a wonderful, fibre-filled weekend!

For more on Breed Studies, please have a read here. All of the pertinent information you need for now is there!

For my handspun projects page on Ravelry, click here.

For more on my YouTube channel, click here.

This content is possible due to your support of the work happening here, thank you to everyone who has supported the show. As I mentioned, there are some things coming down the pipeline later this month – please stay tuned! For more, check out Patreon here. Our next milestone we are working towards unlocking is Colour Management Studies.

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  1. Hi, not sure if it’s just me, but I’m having a really difficult time hearing any audio. I’ve tried it on youtube, my feedly reader, and the welfordpurls website. mimifan on rav

    1. Unfortunately I haven’t heard that from anyone else. Do you think your speakers are turned up? I did make some adjustments for this week’s show’s audio so I hope it’s better for you!

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