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Thank you to Stitch Craft Marketing and Love + Leche for offering a lotion bar for review. I received one in the mail after choosing the Lavender scent.


Full disclosure, I’ve never used a lotion bar before. I have ‘nurse’s hands’ which is a horrible condition known to be caused by over-washing with harsh soaps and chemicals (read: Hand Sanitizer). On the back of each hand, I have chronic dermatitis, which is cracked, dry skin that I have never been able to get rid of in my nursing career. It flares up and settles down at various times throughout the year but it’s always there. I’ve been offered hydrocortisone creams for it but it isn’t painful, so I’ve always chosen not to use them. Besides, I’m hypersensitive and the creams cause a rash while they work. When Stefanie offered this to me to review, I thought, Well, it’s worth a shot. But I didn’t for a moment think any of the lotion bars would help at all.



I now keep this bar in my work backpack and will not remove it until it is finished, at which point I’ll have to order another one. For the first time in TWELVE YEARS, my dermatitis has cleared up. I started using the bar in mid-June during a couple of weeks of more shifts than I normally work (I’m mostly a stay-at-home Mom now and work on weekends). Within about 3 days, my skin was obviously healing. By a week, my skin had completely cleared up. I’ve tried many, many, many products – including those marketed to nurses. Nothing has ever worked. Nothing.


I’m hooked. There’s nothing else to say! Their story is interesting, which you can watch about here, and they use natural ingredients, which are listed here. But I have to say this is just plain and simple a great product. And not greasy at all!

For Wool n’ Spinning readers, Love + Leche would like to offer a FREE GIFT with purchase from their shop until August 30, 2016! Use coupon code WelfordPurls at checkout.

Happy Handwashing!

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  1. Thank you for the review! I just purchased four bars of the hand lotion and three bars of soap. We have such dry skin living in Northern CA where there just isn’t that much humidity. I hope this helps! I also thought they would make excellent gifts for Christmas with some hand knit washcloths.

  2. Knit Potion says:

    What a great review! I just placed an order. :)

    1. Wonderful!

  3. Rachel–I am thrilled to hear that my lotion bar is offering some healing for your hands. Hurray!!! And thank you for spreading the word. Very best wishes–Daven

    1. Thank you for a great product!

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