August Reveal–Peaches Orange

As part of the work here at Wool n’ Spinning, I have been extremely happy to be able to offer fibre club. July was our first reveal and this month marks our second! I was so inspired by a recent spin {here too} that I decided to offer it as this month’s club – to say I am super-stinking-pleased with how this turned out is an understatement. When I found this crazy neon orange, I was smitten. I really love orange, particularly next to grey, so I thought it would be a fun, bright colour to feature this summer. And James loved it. Looooved it.



You may have guessed already but for those who haven’t seen my recent spinning project, I included in each bag one piece each of combed top and roving. The roving was blended by myself with firestar, Angelina, Wenslydale, BFL and some of the combed top fibre, which was Corriedale. It has created a slightly longer stapled spin and the combo is much easier to manage than my own recent project, which was mostly Merino and one (either the combed top or roving) tended to take over when spinning. The idea with this little package is to strip down the combed top and lay each strip next to a roving. Then, spin each together as one strip drafting from both fibres. This called combination drafting. It is a difficult technique to learn but what better way than on a little sample of fibre!


Lay them next to each other as if they are one! And draft from them combined. This creates a textured, heathered yarn with depth and character.



I spun the yarn on my Sidekick and plied from a Bracelet, creating a subtle yarn that I am really looking forward to knitting with – I’m still contemplating that blanket …


For more on Fibre Club and how to join, have a look here.

Until next month,

Happy Spinning!

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