A Restful Time.

In nursing, there is always a lot of discussion about ‘burnout’ and ‘caregiver fatigue’. Burnout can exist for many reasons and causes stress, anxiety and altered sleep patterns. In my career, I’ve experienced burnout once and it lead to a huge change, taking me out of the Emergency department and into a different level of critical care, namely Intensive Care. That might not seem like a much better alternative, but I have always loved Critical Care Medicine and took the opportunity to change course a wee bit. One reason why I am always pushing my husband to make sure we take time out of the city, away from urban living and cell phone service is because I know how important that time away is: It is restorative, restful and relaxing. It helps to sharpen focus upon return, reinvigorates the work you are doing and helps to clarify direction and paths to get there. Usually, I don’t feel a burden upon returning and if I do, I take that time to re-evaluate and change course.


I visited the now-closed Shuttleworks in Calgary, AB, to pick a rather large order for my friend, Katrina! So much fun to show her the results of the shopping trip when we finally had some service!

Returning this time round, at the end of August and knowing the Fall would be busy, I felt excited and hopeful. While we were away, I had an opportunity to work on some spinning projects I wanted to bite into, as well as clear off my needles and have some new projects to look forward to in September. I was able to finish 2 spins, 4 knitted projects and 3/4 of a knitted shawl that I ran out of beads on. I never thought that I would finish so many things – and I read 4 books.

Here’s a taste of my crafting on our most recent adventure to Jasper and Calgary, AB, as well as the Northern Okanagan and Southern Caribou, as well as a photo of our truck and trailer:




Thank you to everyone who wished us a wonderful trip – it was a great chance to get away and come home feeling restored!

Until next time,


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  1. Your kiddo at the tiny wheel! So adorable. Sounds like a nice vacation. A proper one.

    I wonder how you like the Pollywog?

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