Episode 39: Ready, Set … Spinzilla!

Thank you for tuning in this week! A big announcement for those interested: Patreon Fibre Club, Workshops and Combo Spin will open up at 7am PST on OCTOBER 1st! Please note, there will be limited space available for Fibre Club and Combo Spin. Thank you again for your patronage. Tonight I chat about Spinzilla, which begins on Sunday night at MN, I flash my Exploration Station, my mitered square blanket and a finished skein of 50/50 Yak + Silk. We will be launching Colour Studies in October and I am really excited about announcing that after Spinzilla is finished, we’ve all had a good rest and are ready to get spinning again!

For the Ravelry group, head on over here.

Until next time,


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