October Reveal – Deep Blue Ice

As part of the work here at Wool n’ Spinning, I have been extremely happy to be able to offer a fibre club. There a couple of spots left at this time so if you’d like to participate in a carded fibre prep each month, please follow this link! I’ll be closing club offerings in a couple of days to get ready for November’s club mailing out. Also, if you’d like to receive workshops as well as club there is one spot left for Combo Spin. I hope you will choose to join us! Starting in November, seconds will be available in the Etsy shop sometime in the month if you are wanting some extra fibre.

Thank you to everyone who answered my questions in the SLACK channel about whether having the the fibre content each month was helpful – it was very helpful to me! Starting this month, there will be a little insert with your fibre to tell you what the primary content is, as well as the secondary content that makes it ‘sparkle’!


This month’s club has a special place in my heart because I love it so much. It was a leap of faith to blend all of the colours together and I thought, Well, I hope it turns out. And it far exceeded my expectations. I made a package of slightly larger battlings for each spinner to enjoy from a 100% Targhee fibre I had in my stash*. It was handpainted and I used the colours in the original fibre to match Merino, Corriedale, Perendale and Angelina to add into the batts. The Angelina was undyed and offers a lovely silvery-glossy feel to the fibre. I couldn’t wait to spin this month’s club and to be honest, it’s already in my mitered blanket! It’s a bouncy, sproingy yarn that I found easy to spin. I used a short backward draw, smoothing the fibres very gently as I reached back. It made a semi-worsted yarn because it was a woollen prep but a worsted draft. You could argue that it’s also a semi-woollen yarn but I tend to judge based on my draft. So a worsted prep but spun woollen would be a semi-woollen yarn. How do you classify your yarns? I’m curious!

* I don’t normally use fibre from my stash but this particular fibre was so lovely, I couldn’t not share it with you all! I have some left over for me to play with and I’m so excited to see what everyone does with yours!


The resulting yarn has a lovely heathered effect even though from a distance, it appears grey-blue. I love the effect of these carded preps! I asked my husband what he thought of when he looked at it and we both answered at the same time, saying, “Deep blue ice.” I guess we really are tuned into each other! So, hence the name.


To share how you spun your Fibre Club, please join our conversation over here in the Ravelry thread! Don’t forget to tag your projects with #woolnspinning!

Until next time,

Happy Spinning!

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