November Reveal ~ Warm Fall

As part of the work here at Wool n’ Spinning, I have been extremely happy to be able to offer a fibre club. There a couple of spots left at this time so if you’d like to participate in a carded fibre prep each month, please follow this link! I’ll be closing club offerings in a couple of days to get ready for December’s club mailing out.

Leaf rubbings from our adventures this Fall between rain and wind storms.

This fall has been quite full, as I’m sure your fall has been too! We have had a sick and recovering dog, house guests, Spinzilla and article deadlines. It has been busy to say the least. Throughout all of that, however, the colour of the changing season continued to inspire me and I looked forward to getting outside each day with the kids, barring torrential rain, to look at the leaves. The kids and I began collecting the leaves to do leaf drawings so as I was thinking of colours for this month’s club, I continually came back to the beautiful reds and oranges of our local maple trees. Lucky for me that I had the perfect natural brown Alpaca to combine with the red – the roving I made is exactly like the maple leaves off our trees in our yard.

This month is a bright red to brown gradient featuring Corriedale, Merino, Alpaca and Silk.

The fibre content of this month may be slightly challenging to spin. The slippery natural Alpaca combined with the Corriedale and Merino should help, though, and I really enjoyed spinning up the sample. To preserve the gradient of this month, I chose to chain (Navajo) ply. Included in your package of fibre is one middle-range rusty-orange. I had a very limited supply of this particular solid that rather than leave it out, everyone received one. Be sure to find it and place it aside for the transition between the red and lighter rusty-brown-orange (how would you describe that colour?).

Be sure to look through your package and fibre, setting aside the one medium tone brown-red for the transition between the red and light brown.

The resulting yarn is light and lofty but round and sproingy from the chain-plying. I absolutely love the roundness of 3-ply yarns. And the gentle colour transition leaves me wondering what a gradient cowl might look like out of this yarn:


Round, sproingy 3-ply yarn: I just love the loft and airness from the carded prep.

It is sometimes difficult to see the gradient in yarns until they are laying out. So I tried to show this but you will have to spin yours to fully understand the beauty and texture that photos can only portray to a certain extent!

A gentle gradient from red-brown to peach-brown.

For this month, there will be a couple of 50 gram ‘extras’ listed on Etsy in the next couple of days. Patreon subscribers have access first – I will be sending out a message on Patreon when the listings go live to notify you all. As of December 1st, the listing will be open to everyone.

To share how you spun your Fibre Club, please join our conversation over here in the Ravelry thread! Don’t forget to tag your projects with #woolnspinning! And the Patreon Fibre Club tier is here.

Until next time,

Happy Spinning!

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  1. beautiful fiber! And gradients are not easy to pull off! well done!

    1. Thank you Melissa!

  2. I was blown away by the colors of this month’s club fiber and I can’t wait to lay it all out. I’m spinning last month’s on a spindle and it is still laying out, in order. I made those battlings into a delicate gradient which I’m going to chain ply. I am really enjoying working with color, more so than I ever thought I would. It seems this type of color-sorting fiber play is the perfect match for my kind of OCD. Now I’m imagining a woven scarf of November with accents of October running through it. The possibilities are endless!

    1. I am so glad, Jennifer! Thank you for you kind words and I’ll so excited to see what you make!!

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