Episode 52: Elfenwolle, two-ply yarn & colour

Thank you for tuning this week! Are you participating in the CTA Spin the Bin 2017 this year? If so, let me know! Let’s support one another in a thread in our Ravelry group to get through our bins! Remember to submit your FOs for the Blast Off Along from December for a draw next week. This week, I chat about a new spin I just started, my finished combo spin of Elfenwolle, a new crochet-cast on and some initial reflections on our Colour Study we’ve just started. I hope you enjoy the show!

Monique’s Frog Peak Creations ETSY shop here. Coupon Code BIRTHDAY for 25% off.

My ETSY shop is here.

Completely Twisted and Arbitrary group on Ravelry here.

This month’s SweetGeorgia Yarns’ spin here.

My project page for the combo spin of Elfenwolle here.

My project page for the Sunny Spread blanket in crochet here.

For more about Colour Studies, please check out the thread here in our Ravelry group.

If there is more that you are wondering about that I talked about, please don’t hesitate to contact me, leave a comment or message me on Ravelry!

Until next week,

Happy Spinning!

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