Episode 54: Flax, soft spun & carding colour

Thank you for joining me today. Thank you in particular to our Patreon subscribers who support the show week in and week out! I share with you about a trip my family took when I was about 17 years old to see friends up in Haida Gwaii and how weaving has unridden everything in my crafting until I can learn. Norah’s handspun yoke Flax pullover is finished, as well as my recent Kinfolk Yarn and Fibre spin! Lastly, I have plans for my next Colour Studies spin. I hope you enjoy watching this week.

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Flax Pullover Cardiganized – project page here, original pattern here

Kinfolk Yarn and Fibre ETSY shop here

Colour Studies in Ravelry group here

Until next time,

Happy Spinning!

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