weaving tea leaves and spirit

How can I relay to you how pleased I am with this first project? It’s the first project off my loom! There are copious mistakes and I could pick it apart until the cows come more, try to fix it all and feel frustrated … or I could just languish in this first project and pat myself on the back that I learned a ton! And I used up almost 2 balls of yarn that had been in my stash for over 10 years. That right there is a huge WIN! in my book.


Yarn: Sweet Fiber Yarns’ Avery Sport (?discontinued) in Spirit and Tea Leaves; 50/50 Merino & Silk blend

7.5 Heddle

Pre-washing: 143 cm X 22.5 cm

Post-washing: 144 cm X 20 cm (It grew slightly in length but shrank in width?! I’m sceptical. I think my initial measurement may have been wrong)


I only lightly beat the fabric and in places can see where I didn’t beat quite firmly enough. I think tension is something that I will become more comfortable with in time. I partially wish I’d used the 10 Heddle. I think I would have used up all the yarn in that case as I have about 15 grams of each left over. The Hexi Love {Actually} blanket that I started back at Christmas will see the rest of this used up. That little blanket is going to morph into a crib blanket for Norah’s dolls. It’s just too big a project for the moment!


I forgot to hem stitch at the beginning of the weaving, although I did remember to put initial spacing (?? terminology to use here) yarn in for the first inch, which I removed after cutting the scarf off the loom. I just tied knots for the fringe and left it as was. I loved the colours and wanted the yarn to be the showcase.


When I went to wash it, I thought about felting it more but in the end, I just agitated it and then threw it in the dryer for 10 minutes. In the end, the drape is unreal! I love the feel of it against my neck too – it’s kind of like wearing a knitted scarf and yet completely different … Very weird! And that Tea Leaves colourway? Holy man. It is unbelievable. I’m thinking about placing a custom order in this colourway from Melissa – it is stunning.


There are a couple of things I would change if I were making this again: First, I had about 5 inches of warp left before I had to cut it off but I was worried it was getting to long and removed it. I wish I’d kept weaving so that it was just a little bit longer. This will be a gift. The length will be okay for the person it is going to but I think another bit of length would have made it just a wee bit more versatile. Second, those selvedges take a lot of practice! This is something I am going to keep working on over the course of a while I think! It’s not going to be right away that they just work out and even then, they may take a while to improve!


Here are some fun photos of the kids afterwards, wearing it. Norah was quite the little model for me – and the colours look amazing on her!


Norah has placed an order for a “purple blah-tick” (Norah-speak for blanket) and James would like a “red rainbow with black and blue and green blanket” … One days guys, one day!


Until next time,

Happy Weaving!

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  1. That is quite beautiful–and well-done for a first weaving project! I love the subtle colors (and, of course, the joy on your kids’ faces). Well done!

    1. Thank you Melissa! It was a feat of faith, that’s for sure!! Man, weaving is a total rush. It’s so different from knitting and spinning :)

  2. Cookgoalie says:

    Don’t you just love fibre people……having just used something that has been in the stash for 10 years, it is so gorgeous I think you need to order more. Burst out laughing moment. Stunning project Rachel.

  3. Cookgoalie says:

    Oops….You think you need to order more.

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