Episode 62: To Boucle or Not to Boucle, Autowrapping & Fibres West

Thank you for tuning in this week! Welcome to new and returning viewers. Thank you especially to our Patreon community for assisting to keep the show on the air, week after week, and for unlocking our LIVE Streaming events coming up in April! Stay tuned for more. I announce the winner of Felicia’s new book – Congratulations! This week, I share some Wensleydale singles that I’m debating about boucling. A flash of this month’s spun SweetGeorgia club and a little recap of Fibres West finishes off the show.

Ravelry group can be found here and the March Episode thread here.

Ongoing Colour Studies in Ravelry group; my own handspun Ravelry page for my Colour Study

My handspun Ravelry page here.

Enhance Teaching Content link here; more information here!

Until next week,

Happy Spinning & see you all next week!

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