Episode 63: Degumming carrier rod, Targhee & Locks in weaving

Thank you for tuning in again this week! Welcome to new and returning viewers. Thank you to the Patreon community for the ongoing support that keeps the show on the air week after week. This week, I chat about degumming my carrier rod silk and carding it together with some cotton from my stash. I’ve started a new spin from Bastidor in Chile. At Fibres West last weekend, I plied up some Dark and Handsome Targhee from Katrina’s shop, CraftyJAKS, on my Capar spindle. And lastly, I share my recent weaving project with English Leicester locks woven in for fun! Enjoy!

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My handspun Ravelry page here.

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Until next week,

Happy Spinning & see you all next week!

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