Episode 64: Spirals, Wensleydale & Brookdale

Episode 64

Thank you for tuning in this week! I have a lot to talk about and the show runs a bit longer than usual. Welcome to new and returning viewers. Thank you to our Patreon subscribers – you keep the show on the air week-after-week due to your contributions! This week, I share an update on my Colour Studies spinning that I have been working on. Spoiler alert: This is my favourite skein thus far in the entire spin and study. My Wensleydale singles are underspun (whaa whaa whaa) and I’m a bit torn about what to do about them – I’m leaning towards a 2-ply lace yarn. I finished 3.5oz of Bastidor, a gift from my friend Nina. It was lovely to spin and I have another 3 braids to work through before I begin pattern-hunting. Lastly, I share a finished knitted object: the Brookdale Shawl by Chrissy Graham.

The Wool n’ Spinning Ravelry group is here.

April’s Episode Thread is here.

Colour Studies are here and we are starting our next Colour & Breed Study at the moment.

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My Ravelry handspun page is here.

My Brookdale shawl is here.

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