Thank you for tuning in this week! Thank you to our new viewers and returning – welcome! Thank you especially for those who support the show at Patreon – I’m looking forward to Live Streaming with you guys for our next show! In today’s show, I chat about my finished Smith & Ewe Pencil Roving spin. I share a little sample skein of SweetGeorgia Yarns’ leftover from last month’s fibre club. The cable ply yarn that was last month’s teaching topic has been released to everyone and I chat a little bit about the colours in this yarn, which is the last of the colour studies that I have spun up. Lastly, the remainder of the show is all about all of the fleece I have been washing daily by making it a daily practice. I have found that I am getting through it relatively quickly and have finished my American Tunis this way! I am completely in love with this skein of yarn. Enjoy the show!

Here is the Wool n’ Spinning Radio Pilot show. Nina chatted with me for April’s show, which can be found here.

YouTube Playlists can be found here for those looking for back issues!

Come join us over on the Ravelry group, here, and to find out more about the show, please visit here.

YouTube teaching content about Cable Plied Yarns.

My handspun Ravelry page is here with all of the projects that I talked about today.

Sadly, I ran out of time and couldn’t talk about my knitting today but I will try next week!

Until next time,

Happy Spinning!

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