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Many of my posts recently have been either finished objects, in-progress projects that I don’t talk about on the podcast because they aren’t handspun, my new weaving adventures or Patreon updates. Since beginning this wild journey last Spring, I feel as if time has taken on a whole other meaning – it whirls past at astonishing rates and I am left wondering … well, where the time went! Time seemed to already be flying past as I watch our kids growing up. I leave for a couple of shifts at work, not seeing them for about 48 hours each weekend and I come back to these two very grown-up people. They seem to have grown an inch and gained about 200 words since the time I left 2 days prior. Of course, this isn’t really the case but it always seems that way! In an effort to reset and begin the transition into the second year of Wool n’ Spinning, I thought it was time for a catch-up post. Something a bit more like my older posts when I would just write about what was happening in the moment here at home with my crafting and family. Often these moment seem to be lost in the foray of daily life but I do try to pay attention to as many as I can, even if they seem fleeting.

In terms of crafting and making, things have been ticking along with a life of their own. Sometimes I wonder if I am really choosing the projects myself or if they in fact are choosing me. I have a pile of projects as long as my arm to complete for various things. Some are for our colour studies in the group, some are for projects with my friend Katrina and most are for pleasure. The joy of creating can be taken away when the list of ‘doing for others’ (here, projects and deadlines associated with things I’ve taken on by choice) but in this case, I am enjoying most of them – learning new things, working with new ideas and hoping to have a large swatch collection at the end! Little perks, you know? Sometimes I wish for more time at my wheel but then I remember that part of having that time will be because the kids are away at school and I am home without them.


Then there are those moments when I feel like my stash and projects are going to overtake me! It’s a funny feeling but the crafting materials get spread out through the house on every surface and suddenly, everywhere I look, I have To Do piles: The sleeve on that sweater, those bobbins to be plied, that weaving to be warped. The list goes on and on! But I don’t think I am alone in that – and once I’ve cleaned up, cleared out the mess and put things away, I feel immediately calmer. Although, I have realised that is a great way to forget about what I have going for projects and start something new!

I have some ideas about how to stash down these projects and materials. I think I may take a page out of my friend Rebecca’s book based on how she’s doing it – and I think I may put some slightly stricter rules in place for myself since the amount that comes into our house now is sometimes a bit overwhelming.


Then, there’s the kids. Ever growing. Ever laughing and fighting with one another. They are good friends and play well together most of the time. I am constantly amazed at James’ patience with his little sister who tries to keep up with him at every turn but sometimes just doesn’t understand what he’s trying to explain. He will often reply to her, “Yes, No-wah, but we can do this too .” And she will inevitably say, “Okay.” And off they go in their play. Until one gets too tired and then, of course, all h*** breaks loose. It is again, inevitable in children’s play.


Norah has always tried to keep up with James – walking and running early. On Friday, she rode her 2-wheeler bike without training wheels for the first time [sorry for my thumb in the video – I was pretty excited!]. She wants to be just like her older brother but with a fairy princess crown on rather than a baseball hat. It is hard to believe that come September, we will be crossing another huge bridge and starting kindergarten. The daily schedule of school is not something I am looking forward to but I know James is so ready for it and will enjoy it once the time comes.

And so, here we are. I have the podcast to record today and look forward to sharing some really cool yarn I made on the weekend. I also have some ideas about upcoming yarn designs I’d like to try and some weaving to showcase them. Soon, I hope to amass a small stash of woven samples to show of these yarns but until then, I will keep plugging away and creating these yarns, ever learning!

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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  1. So much of what you’ve said sounds familiar. I think that it’s the case for many working moms of young kids — you’re just pulled in so many directions that sometimes even the things we do for fun feel like obligations!

    1. That is so true!!

  2. rebbiejaye says:

    3 years old and no training wheels?! I don’t know if my 4 yo could do a bike with training wheels!!! You guys ARE outdoorsy! Love that James is such a great big brother and Norah is so precocious.
    Oh man WIPs tho. I find I get overwhelmed if I have more than four or five projects across all my crafts. More than that and I get twitchy and stressed, or something is hibernating! Then I see people with 30 WIPs and I start to get a tic just thinking about it!

    1. Yeah she’s pretty amazing! We are incredibly outdoorsy – James was the same. Riding without training wheels at 3. They amaze me everyday 😊 I’m the same about WIPs!!

  3. Rebecka Roy says:

    I am deeply inspired by my stash and I just want to make things all. the. time. However, if I get carried away my flutterby brain can move on to something new before I’ve finished things I used to be excited about. If I put something away I am sure to forget about its existence.
    And so my dining room table becomes a dumping ground for all kinds of things, piles of fibre, blocking square, t pins, a little scale. And that’s just what’s on my table today. Then comes dinner time and I really have to clean it all off. I’m sure some fibre is probably sneaking into our food.
    My Henry is starting school in August and I’m mildly freaking out about it. I know it will be so good for him but our days of freedom and adventure will be curtailed quite a bit. I can’t just jump on the train and take him to the beach whenever we feel like it. More time at home by myself seems both exciting and sad.

    1. Yes! I’m in the exact same boat about all of this that you wrote!

    2. I’m feeling the same way about N starting preschool in the fall. She will love it, and I will appreciate the break, but suddenly lots of structure will be imposed on our days, and there’s no going back! I was homeschooled so this is a big leap for me!

  4. Rachel, I so appreciated this post: balancing it all is no easy task and sometimes all of the podcasts and blogs in the word can make it seem as though we are superwomen–and we are!–but I love the real-life, reality of taken-on projects, mounting stash, finishing tasks, growing children (I blinked and mine will be turning 13 this summer!), and family time. You are an amazing woman and I am so very glad to have “met” you online. Thanks for taking the time to share your work and family life with all of us eager-to-learn spinners 🙂

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