Episode 71

Welcome to new and returning viewers – I hope you enjoy the show. Thank you to our Patreon subscribers of the show for keeping the show on the air week after week. You make all of this possible!

This week, I chat about a couple of spins that I am intentionally spinning with my dominant hand forward, doing all of the work. This came about after a conversation with a friend about spinning intentionally and seeking to improve my skills. I have definitely found I am not even yet but it’s coming … albiet slowly! Because I really felt that I needed a break from spinning this week, I have been working on a sweater for Norah that I was able to finish in 3 days while visiting with friends. I am really pleased with the result and I hope you can forgive the break in regular programming for some commercial yarn and a really cute FO!

The most recent episode of Wool n’ Spinning Radio has been released – if you are a Patreon subscriber, remember you can cut and past the RSS feed into your favourite podcast app. I hope you enjoy my conversation with our friend and community member, Becca!

Ravelry Group can be found here – please join! We are getting close to 1000 members and there might be a little giveaway in the coming weeks to honour this massive milestone.

Don’t forget to contribute to the Gorgeous and Inspiring Handspun Bundle on the Ravelry group to keep each other inspired! Have a pattern you particularly like for handspun? Contribute to the Pattern bundle here. You only need to be a member of the group to contribute to bundles!

Find me on Instagram here.

We have several SPAKALs and spin alongs happening in the group – Our yearly #zerotohero2017, our Stashdown SAL and our current Breed & Colour Study. Please join anything that calls to you!

Projects I talked about this week:

1. Big wheel-spun combo spin that I’ve been working on quietly – project page here.

2. Support spindling July 2016 fibre club – sample skein and project page here.

3. Little Lighthouse Pullover by Carrie Bostick Hoge in Berroco Vintage. Project page here.

Until next week,

Happy Spinning!


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