Small wins.

I’ve been increasingly distracted lately by the fast-approaching summer months. We have been outside a huge amount and I have decided to make my physical fitness a huge priority in my life. Some of you may not know this, but I was once quite active. I snowboarded multiple times per week with my brother, ran several half marathons, swam long distance and went to the gym throughout the week. While I have never been into boot camp or crossfit, I have always enjoyed being really active. Once I was pregnant with our eldest, James, that started to really wane and even die. Since Norah has been born, while we spend a huge amount of time outside, I don’t actually move that much. I started using my step calculator to see how many steps I actually do per day and it was terrible – I was getting maybe 2000 per day. I often hear myself say things like “I’d love to be healthier” to my husband but I had a complete panel of blood work done after Norah was born because we were concerned about my iron levels (which had been too low during pregnancy) and everything came back beautifully – no hypothyroid, low blood pressure, no problems. On paper, in a lab, I’m really healthy! Which is great! But why do I feel so sluggish all the time? Because I’m not moving.


The reward after my run the other night – a gorgeous sky and a personal best time.

Part of what stopped me was a bursitis that flared up in my hip after Norah was born. Due to intense physio and active release, along with strengthening exercises, it has mostly healed. It bugs me at the most inopportune times but for the most part, it has resolved – I can even cross my legs when I am sitting on the ground again, which is awesome! In light of the healing, I decided to get back to running and started the Couch to 5K program – I am currently on Week 3 and starting Week 4. It has been going really well.


“Mommy, we are getting strong!”

Next, I started working through some of the Jillian Michael’s DVDs that I won years ago as part of a giveaway through a magazine. I’d never really looked at them before but am enjoying a few of them – even though they kick my butt each time! The kids dance around in the living room with me and tell me, “Mommy, we are getting strong!” Yes, guys, yes we are!


A 1.5 hour walk with their bikes and I crushed 8,700 steps.

For food, there’s not much change although I am counting macros but focusing on eating lots to stay fuelled. Long days with the kids and at the hospital (not to mention working nights) does not coincide well with calorie depletion at this stage of life. If I carve off a few pounds, great but I’m not going to stress about it – I’m too tired! There are way more positive things to focus on – like today, the kids were being absolute nightmares after coming back from grocery shopping (which they normally rock at) but for whatever reason, we were all off this morning and really feeling grumpy. After we had a massive lunch, we pulled on our runners and the kids grabbed their bikes. I was able to walk 8,700 steps! Boom! It felt really good and completely reset the day.

Spinning and knitting and making are so important to me – but they are sedentary and I’m really enjoying this physical time during the day. It is good for me, them and our mental health. Last night, when I sat down to knit for a while, I think I actually enjoyed the time even more – if that’s possible – because I’d had such a good day and 5km bike ride with the kids. Those are the huge wins in our life right now. What are you winning at?

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  1. Well done Rachel!

  2. Aweome, Rachel! Feeling healthy is so important 🙂 Plus, I love the idea of you snowboarding with your bro–I used to ski with my dad and brother and loved it. I have not been out in a long time . . . and a back injury stopped my running. But, now we walk everyday and it’s my favorite meditation, next to knitting or spinning, that is ❤

  3. Sarah ashley says:

    I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say plying on a spindle while walking/hiking is a great way to make and be active at the same time!

    1. rachel Author says:

      Totally agree!

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