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Wool n’ Spinning Radio BONUS Episode: Kim of Ewethful Farm & Mill

Hi Everyone! Welcome to a Bonus episode of Wool n’ Spinning Radio. This podcast is brought to you on Patreon for our subscribers and is a monthly installment that provides an RSS feed to listeners for their favourite app to listen each month. This month, I am releasing an episode for everyone because I chatted with Kim of Ewethful Fibre Farm and Mill. Kim has plans to start a fibre club in July, about a month from now, and I hope you have a chance to check it out. Kim is warm, forthcoming and passionate about her work – I hope you enjoy hearing our conversation!

Listen Here

Thank you for listening in to this bonus episode of Wool n’ Spinning Radio. I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Kim. For more content like this, please head over to, where this podcast airs each month for Patreon subscribers.

Have a wonderful month and Happy Spinning!

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