Episode 75: Bast fibres & Socks


Thank you for tuning in this week! I am back from a whirlwind week at ANWG in Victoria, BC. We camped while at the conference and I had the chance to take a 3-day intensive workshop on Ancient Fibres, which focused on the bast fibres. We spun a variety of fibres and I share some of what I bought in the marketplace at the festival. It was a great weekend, although it left us all tired and drained – time for some rest! Thank you to returning viewers and Patreon subscribers of the show – you keep the show on the air month after month. This week, I share my finished handspun socks with you, as well as some new socks I’ve cast on. I don’t have any of the bobbins handy that I’ve been working on but I will have them for the Live Streaming next show. Enjoy the show!

Tour de Fleece starts in just under 10 days! I hope you will consider joining and grabbing a Ravatar from the group – all the information is here!

The most recent episode of Wool n’ Spinning Radio has been released for Early Bird Access holders – if you are a Patreon subscriber, remember you can cut and past the RSS feed into your favourite podcast app. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Natalie Redding this month! There will be a bonus episode of Wool n’ Spinning Radio that will be released to everyone this week as well – please watch for that!

Ravelry Group can be found here – please join! We reached1000 members and there was a giveaway this week to honour this massive milestone – congratulations to Sarah of Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works!

Don’t forget to contribute to the Gorgeous and Inspiring Handspun Bundle on the Ravelry group to keep each other inspired! Have a pattern you particularly like for handspun? Contribute to the Pattern bundle here. You only need to be a member of the group to contribute to bundles!

Find me on Instagram here.

We have several SPAKALs and spin-alongs (SALs) happening in the group – Our yearly #zerotohero2017, our Stashdown SAL and our current Breed & Colour Study. Please join anything that calls to you!

Projects I talked about this week:

  1. SGY Strawberry Season socks here
  2. SW Speckle dyed socks here
  3. Into the Whirled ‘Eating Grapes off Wallpaper’ handspun yarn and project page here

If you are wondering about something specifically, please don’t hesitate to contact me by leaving a comment below!

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