Episode 79: Storing raw fibre, Amethyst & POP! Blanket seaming


Thank you for tuning in this week! Thank you to new and returning viewers of the show, and a huge thank you to those who support the show through Patreon – you guys are the ones who keep it on the air month to month! This week, I am constantly interrupted by the kids – thank you for your patience. I answer a question that has been asked several times over the past few months about storing raw fleece and whether to process it all in one go or not. I chat about a couple of spins I have on the wheel – including one that is a pay-it-forward for a wheel I received in Victoria at ANWG. I share some major progress on my POP! Blanket that I set out and organized while we were camping this past week. Lastly, I share some project planning that I have been dreaming about. The show ends with a new segment around health and well-being that I wanted to share with you about my journey towards fitness. Enjoy the show!

I’m still waiting to hear from people who won during Tour de Fleece – please have a listen to see if you won!

The ASK ANYTHING thread is here for those with burning questions – remember, you can ask anything, literally!

Stay tuned for an extra episode of Wool n’ Spinning Radio this month announcing all the winners from Tour de Fleece – Good Luck!

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Projects I talked about this week:

  1. SweetGeorgia Yarns’ SW BFL in Amethyst project page here
  2. Corespun yarn for Theresa project page here
  3. POP blanket by TinCanKnits project page here

If you are wondering about something specifically, please don’t hesitate to contact me by leaving a comment below!

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