Yarn Reveal: Delicious DK from Crafty Jak’s Boutique

I’ve been really excited to talk about this knit and haven’t been able to because I’ve been waiting for my dear friend, Katrina, to give me the green light to go ahead! We had been chatting about the idea of a sweater knit out of her new yarn and I had a few ideas about which sweaters I wanted to knit. As we mulled it over, chatting more and more about what would be wearable and accentuate the yarn, we continually came back to my friend, Alicia Plummer’s pattern, Campside Cardi. I had knit her Campside shawl pattern a while ago as a test knit for her and three years (!!) later, it is still one of my most-worn knits. After the cardigan was published, I kept coming back to it, thinking, “I’ll knit that soon!” and never did. Best laid plans and all that! After Katrina gave me the go head to knit the Campside, I was off to the races – literally! I knit this sweater soooo quickly. Chalk it up to a great pattern, even better yarn and large gauge!

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Pattern: Campside Cardi by Alicia Plummer (links above)

Yarn: Crafty Jak’s Boutique Delicious DK in colourway River’s Bend; 100% BFL

Needles: 4.00mm (ribbing and cast on/off) & 5.00mm for body/sleeves

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As many of you know who watch the podcast, join me on the Live Stream once a month or follow me on Instagram, I knit mostly with handspun yarn nowadays. It is rare that I have a project on the go made from commercial yarn. It’s not that I don’t like knitting with commercial yarn – anything but! The reason is two-fold: I don’t have much yarn left in my stash since I don’t buy yarn and I try not to buy much superwash if I can avoid it. I was drawn to this yarn while Katrina was telling me about it because I absolutely love BFL and I love BFL yarns even more. As a fibre, BFL (short for Blue-Faced Leicester), is longer stapled when compared side-by-side to Merino, has a lustre and wears well. It is a slightly toothier fibre when compared to Merino, which makes it a better-wearing fibre. When spun with slightly more twist, it is an even more hard-wearing yarn compared to a fibre like Merino or Cormo and it is still next-to-the skin soft. I have heard women get into debates about whether BFL is truly a long wool, or if in fact, it should be classified as a fine wool. I tend to fall into the category that classifies it as a long wool due to it’s lustrous characteristics but it’s definitely one of my favourites regardless!

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This particular yarn is a round 4-ply that is nicely spun. It has a twist angle of about 50 degrees, which I love, and made nice round eyelets for the lace sections. This also makes for a nice knitting yarn as it doesn’t split while knitting! It was really lovely to knit with throughout the entire project – I never got sick of the colour changes, either! What a great visual distraction from all the rows of purl and knit when I didn’t have YOs to pass time!


This yarn (and more!) will be launching this weekend at Knit City in Katrina’s booth – Crafty Jak’s Boutique – in stall #237. I sincerely hope you will take a look – just touch the yarn to get an idea of what I’m talking about. It’s truly glorious! And the sweater itself will be on display as well – again, feel free to touch, pet and ogle!

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I hope to see you there!

Until next time,

Happy Knitting!


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  1. A beautiful new sweater, Rachel! Well done. The color is wonderful and has a lot of depth!

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