Episode 87: Giving Space

Thank you for joining me this week! It feels like a long time since I podcasted but I hope you had a good rest and a lovely holiday season. Welcome to new viewers and Patrons of the show. I have quite a few giveaways to do – both announce and gift today! Congrats to the winners! I announce our very first book club book – I hope you’re as excited about it as I am. Mostly, I’ve been working on my breed and colour studies yarns. I share some initial thoughts about the fibre and spinning techniques. My Into the Whirled socks are finished! And lastly, I spin on one of my projects that has been on my wheel for a while – I hope you enjoy coming along with me. Thank you for tuning in this week. I hope you enjoy the show!

Book Club can be found here. We will be chatting about A Stash of One’s Own by Clara Parkes.

Kelly G Knits can be found here. Her patterns are here on Ravelry. January’s Episode thread is here! Just answer: What is something you’d love to spin for this year?

Cari G. of Glow Beauty from Within can be found here. The Fall La La Kal in the Ravelry group is here.

Breed & Colour Studies information can be found here. The Ravelry thread is here.

Into the Whirled handspun socks project page here.

SweetGeorgia Yarns BFL+Silk Pacific Spirit spin project page here.

Until next time,

Happy Spinning!


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