Episode 88 Live: All the Coloured Yarn!

Thank you for tuning in today! We have a lot to chat about from Ask Anything to Finished Yarns. I hope you enjoy the show!

For everyone to participate in:

Head over to the January Episode Thread and answer the following question (I’ll draw 5 pattern winners before next show to giveaway!): What is something you’d like to spin for this year? Thank you Kelly for the patterns to giveaway!

We have book club going on in the group, I hope you will join us in reading A Stash of One’s Own by Clara Parkes. Please don’t forget to submit your own essay on your ideas around stash to be featured on the blog!

Etsy shop: Sweet Pine Hills


There was a question in the Ask Anything thread about possibly starting a health thread in Ravelry for people but we have one in the Slack channel called #health. For those wishing for a safe and supportive place to share their journey, I’m going to leave it only there. For many, this journey is very personal, and I want to make sure we are supportive and kind to one another. If it stays in the Slack channel, it’s protected. Thank you for your understanding and you are more than welcome to join us there! Right now, we are chatting about our new years plans, goals, ideas around health and fitness, and FOOD!

This month, we are going to chat very briefly about a question I received from one of our patrons of the show, Megan. She wrote a lovely message to me about her spinning wheel dilemma but I’ll summarize her questions here:

1. If you could only pick one wheel to have for the rest of you life what would it be?

2. What is your go to wheel for 2ply fingering?

3. Is double drive really better for advanced spinning? Or other wheels more “advanced” than the Lendrum?

We get into those questions on the Live Stream and I ask the community to chime in as well!

Finished Spins

First up this month, I have finished all of my Breed & Colour Studies yarns! I share them with you today and compare a little bit between the combo drafted and combo plied yarns. More on this study next time! There’s not enough time to drone on and on about this yarn and how much I love it! My project page for this spin is here.

Second, I have finally finished my SweetGeorgia Yarns’ BFL+Silk in Pacific Spirit. This is part of a larger spin that I’m now really motivated to get finished so that I can get weaving! My project page for this spin is here.

I hope you will join us next time, February 6th @ 12:30pm PST!

Happy Spinning!


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