Episode 90 Live: The Spin that Ended

Thank you for joining me this week! We will have a shorter than usual show since I am still fighting off this Laryngitis and my voice won’t last through an hour long show. We cover a little (tiny) bit of housekeeping that includes reminding you about a giveaway. Head to the Ravelry group to enter. Then we chat about plying and finishing a massive spin I’ve been working on since October 2017. It feels really good to be finished! Thank you for allowing me to share!

The Ravelry group is here. I hope you are able to join us!

Projects I talked about in this episode:

1. SW BFL spin dyed by my friend Charlotte, into a shawl (I will write down my notes about this knitted project when I finish). Natural Knotwood Spindles here.

2. Bastidor spin from Patagonian wool here.

3. Disdero Ranch Romney/Mohair spin here. Disdero Ranch here. Grey spin here.

Until next time,

Happy Spinning!


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