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Episode 92 Live: Finished Objects!

Thank you so much for tuning in this week! This past week, it was brought to my attention that Episode 70 and 90 weren’t available and sure enough! They were still ‘locked’ so if you watched them through iTunes or Patreon, they were there but on YouTube directly, they were still unavailable. They are there now and I hope you enjoy 3 (!!) episodes this week if you missed those other two. Thank you to everyone who continues to support the show – I appreciate your patronage and enthusiasm of everything spinning related! We have been delving into plant-based fibres this past month and will continue to do so until we start our next Breed & Colour Study later in the Spring. This week, I share two finished objects – a shawl that I started back in the Fall and a skein of massive quantity. I hope you enjoy this week’s ramblings. The next live stream for Patrons will April 3rd at our regular time! Mark your calendars!

The Ravelry group is here. I hope you are able to join us!

Projects I talked about in this episode:

1. SW BFL spin dyed by my friend Charlotte, into a shawl (I will write down my notes about this knitted project when I finish).

2. Homedyed fibre: Merino/Alpaca/Silk/Nylon project page here.

Until next time,

Happy Spinning!


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