Episode 93 Live: Fibres West & Knitting with Old Stash

Thank you for joining me this week. Thank you to those who support the Patreon campaign and keep the lights on here each month! I truly appreciate your support. On this week’s show, I chat about the recent festival, Fibres West, and some new stash enhancement that’s very exciting (and that I get to share with you in upcoming shows!). I also chat about a knit in progress that I started along with some of our community members – check out their finished objects in the show notes to come later this week. Thank you for tuning in and for your understanding in the show being cut short.

The giveaways for this week will be held until next episode when I announce the winners (I’ll get in touch with the winners in the interim). In the meantime, head over the Ravelry group and introduce yourself.

Some fibre artists/Etsy shops that I mentioned in today’s show:

I spoke at length about Escarpment Cowl that some of us have been working away on in the Slack group. I mentioned several community members’ projects, linked below (in no particular order):

  • Mairi’s project page here
  • Becca’s project page here
  • Rebecca’s project page here

If there’s anything you’re wondering about that’s not linked above, please ask in the comments!

Until next time,


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