Colour & Breed Studies: Apr – Sept 2018

Another instalment of Colour & Breed Studies have started! I’m excited to announce some coupon codes (in a linked post) for Patreon subscribers of the show to use and to reveal the amazing colours Katrina came up with this time round!

As many of you know, we alternate between combed top and carded prep each study to explore the many different ways that colour can be combined. This time round, following our combed top study from last session, we will be delving into the world of carded colour! What you do with your nests of fibre is up to you but the possibilities are endless!

ETA: There are three choices when you order from Katrina’s shop – a 50g or 100g nest pack (as pictured) OR a kit so that you can blend them to your choice! 

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You might be wondering what fibre we decided to explore this time? We eventually, after waffling for so long, decided on Targhee. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, it is a non-superwash fibre. Many have worked with superwash Targhee and once you work with non-superwash, you will notice some major differences. I’m excited to hear the reflections from you about the differences. Second, Targhee is still a relatively new fibre to many out there. For beginning spinners, whom we have many in our community, it is an approachable fibre that lends itself to learning because it is so forgiving. You will not be disappointed with your results! Lastly, it is one of Katrina and my favourite fibres and we wanted to share that with you.

For colours, you might be wondering whether your photo was chosen from the pile that were sent in through the Ravelry group. It may have been! Katrina was really inspired by the myriad of photos that were submitted but not by one or two in particular. Instead, she decided to pull one colour from that photo, another from this photo and so on. In the end, we have colours reminiscent of a South Asian wedding! My personal favourite in there is that creamy yellow. What is yours?

At first glance, these batts may seem overwhelming to work with if you are a new spinner who may still be uncomfortable with colour management but that is precisely why these colour studies exist! We are here to support one another and help many spinning decisions. Bounce ideas here, in the Slack channel or on Ravelry in the dedicated thread. I hope we see photos of your projects soon!

Crafty Jaks Boutique Etsy Link

Many of these are ready to ship next week so you will have fibre in hand very quickly. I hope you enjoy the study this time round! Katrina and I will be chatting on Wool n’ Spinning Radio in coming months about the study, reflecting on colours and the breed. I look forward to delving into the possibilities with this study – how are you going to spin it?

Happy Spinning!

Rachel & Katrina

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