Episode 97B: Spinning Growth

Thank you for tuning into a bonus episode of Wool n’ Spinning this week! Isn’t it fun that you have a second episode to watch this week?! I hope so!

Thank you to new and returning viewers of the show – I appreciate your presence. To those who support the show through Patreon, thank you for continuing to do so! This episode is a mini-show to talk about a new segment that we will be introducing from now on in the show. It will be called “Spinning Growth” and I hope you will engage with me on this journey to reflect, learn and grow from our previous projects that maybe weren’t as awesome as we’d planned. Let’s face it, we all have projects like this! I’ve given an example in this episode of how these discussions will go, although we are missing the very informative and helpful discussions from the Live Chat. We will have to wait for their input next episode!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy watching this little bonus and for the thread to submit your woes, please head over here. Be sure to join the group while you’re there!

Until next time, happy spinning!


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