Thank you for joining me this week! We are officially on summer break here and the kids have started their summer vacation with a bang! We headed off camping for the weekend and thought I’d record while we were away. Thank you to new and returning viewers – I appreciate your time with me. Thank you to patrons of the show for keeping the lights on here week after week. I wanted to figure out a way to organise my swatches from the How I Spin content and I think I figured it out! This week, I share three finished spins that I’m very happy with and can’t wait to work with – now to figure out what I’m going to do with the carded yarn. We also chat about a yarn Rebecca (rebbiejaye) shared in the Spinning Growth thread in Ravelry. Lastly, I shared a quick snippet of my Sparkle Cardigan that I finished the body on while we were away. More on that soon. I hope you enjoy the show!

Please head over the Ravelry group and introduce yourself. The Spinning Growth thread is here and more information on what that thread is all about is here.

The Big Book of Fibery Rainbows book is available here.

Projects I talked about this week:

1. Disdero Ranch Romney/Mohair pin-drafted roving for the Sparkle Cardigan by Joji Locatelli

2. Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Arts Natural Fibres Batt Ravelry page here.

3. Breed & Colour Studies – Targhee in carded nests of fibre – Ravelry handspun journal page here

4. CraftyJaks SW BFL in Harvest & Vegan Yarn Vegan Cashmere combo spin Ravelry page here.

If there’s anything you’re wondering about that’s not linked above, please ask in the comments!

Until next time,


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