Episode 103 Live: Llama+Silk and lotsa sock yarn talk (opposing plies)

Thank you for tuning in this week! For those who made it to the Live Stream, thank you for your time. The links didn’t work at first but I re-loaded the Patreon post and then we were smooth sailing. Thank you for baring with me. Welcome to new and returning viewers – I appreciate you joining us here! This week, I award all the prizes for Tour de Fleece – Congratulations to the winners! Thank you to everyone who participated – it’s a really fun thing to do during July every year. Next, we cover a brief Spinning Growth chat and then, I chat about my Llama & Silk blend that I’d plied last time but hadn’t washed, finished and re-skeined yet. Lastly, we spend quite a bit of time talking about sock yarn, my current sock project and a new sock spin on the wheel with opposing plies, the theoretical advantages and thoughts for more sock yarn experiments. Enjoy the show!

Please head over the Ravelry group and introduce yourself. The Spinning Growth thread is here and more information on what that thread is all about is here.

Projects I talked about this week:

  1. Local llama + silk roving project page here
  2. Suffolk socks project page here
  3. Created by Elsie B. SW Merino, OOAK colourway Firestarter (I think) project page here

For anything I discussed that you’re wondering about or can’t find, please comment below and I will direct you further!

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