Episode 104 Live: Weaving & Warping; Opposing Plies Yarn

Thank you for tuning in this week! We had to move the Live Stream one week early due to an unbelievable number of field trips this month. I love the Fall and the cool, crisp mornings, which are perfect for wearing sweaters and shawls; however, the number of pumpkin patch trips is a bit overwhelming. There’s the actual pumpkin patch visits and then follow-up ‘pumpkin days’ that involve experiments and decorating (I’m thinking that means carving but knives in school is probably not a thing so …?). While they will be fun, it meant moving the stream dates. I hope it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience. The next date for patrons has been posted here.

I updated some of the goals that we are working towards on Patreon – please have a read at the ‘Goals’, which are listed on the left-hand sidebar of the home page. Of particular note are regular “secret” monthly making vlogs in which I bring you along with me on my making throughout the month. While on the podcast, I chat about all of my projects that are in progress and finished, I don’t actually take you along with with me as I make. I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to share with you techniques I’m trying, thoughts on certain projects “in the moment” if you will, and overall to understand my process a bit more. Some of these will be live streamed!

Also, I wanted to mention a really big change coming to Wool n’ Spinning Radio. For those who are already patrons of the show, you will know that this is the audio podcast that accompanies the show. I’ve had guests on the show, as well as patrons in our own community. It’s taken a while for the show to ‘find its voice’ so-to-speak but after many conversations about our venture together, makerRadio, Katrina and I have come together to continue making a podcast together but now only on Wool n’ Spinning Radio. Having two separate podcasts, in essence three when we take into account the videocast, is difficult to maintain but combining what makerRadio was and Wool n’ Spinning Radio is creates a sort-of new podcast for you! This will continue to be available for patrons monthly, and those subscribed to the early bird content will receive the show on the 1st of every month (barring issues) and then the entire community will have access come the 7th. Katrina and I will be chatting about topics we find relevant at the time, quotes and ideas we come across (or are shared by the community), and the ongoing breed and colour studies, as we’ve been doing. We will also invite guests on to chat with us, like we did in August with Becca, and maybe even turn on the webcam once in a while to record the show in person as a video (it would still be released in audio but a video link to YouTube would also be provided). I hope you’ll tune in to listen!


This week on the podcast, we spend a lot of time talking about weaving and warping up rigid heddle looms. I borrowed my mom’s 10” SampleIt Loom by Ashford to whip up a really awesome scarf that I need to wet-finish this week. I will share my results on the next show. Afterwards, I warped my large 48” loom with my merino, alpaca, silk & nylon blend yarn that I had been knitting the Sunwalker with but wasn’t loving it. We chat about some books that are wonderful for your library (linked below) and lastly, we get into the results of my opposing ply yarn. I hope you enjoy the show! Please comment below if there is something you are unable to find or would like to know more about.

Please head over the Ravelry group and introduce yourself. The Spinning Growth thread is here and more information on what that thread is all about is here.

Projects I talked about this week:

  1. Combo Spin (Hello Yarn, Created by Elsie B., Nest Fibre Studio) woven stole project page here
  2. Suffolk socks project page here (on hold for a few days to rest my hands)
  3. Merino, Alpaca, Silk & Nylon woven blanket project page here

Books I talked about this week:

  1. 51 Yarns by Jacey Boggs Faulkner
  2. A Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs by Sarah Anderson
  3. Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom by Syne Mitchell

For anything I discussed that you’re wondering about or can’t find, please comment below and I will direct you further!

Until next time,


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