Episode 108: Hawser, gauge lies & Radiate

Thank you for joining us this week! It is our last show for 2018 – thank you to those who took time out of their schedule to spend the almost 2 hours it took to record since we had some technical difficulties with Internet halfway through. Welcome to new viewers of the show, thank you to those who are returning and a special shout-out to those who are patrons of the show. I appreciate all of your support! This month, we talked about an interesting spinning growth that re-enforced for us that swatching is really important and in fact, they can ‘lie’ to us without swatching large enough, adjusting needle sizes and taking into account general knitting changes as we work on our project. Next, we delve into the sample skein I’ve started for the current Breed & Colour Studies. Some have started receiving their fibre, some have even started spinning so please head over to the Ravelry group to share! We then discussed my finished Hawser yarn – what an interesting plying test. This yarn is probably the most difficult yarn to ply I’ve ever made. I gave a very brief update on my Noel yarn – I’ve really made no progress on it this past week. Lastly, I share my progress on my Radiate pullover that I’ve started in the past week. The yarn is deep stash that I spun in 2015 from Westcoast Colour. I’m loving the knit thus far and will share my progress next time! I hope you enjoy the show – Happy Holidays & a safe, happy, healthy New Year to you and yours!

Please head over the Ravelry group and introduce yourself.
The Spinning Growth thread is here and more information on what that thread is all about is here.
For the Ask Anything thread, please look here
My friend Kim, who I mention in the podcast, blogs here. And her post on Worsted Prep is here.
Projects I talked about this week:
  • CraftyJaks Breed & Colour Studies Masham project page here
  • Hedgehog Fibres Merino & Nylon (70/30) Hawser yarn project page here
  • Radiate pullover by Joji Locatelli project page here
For anything I discussed that you’re wondering about or can’t find, please comment below and I will direct you further!
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