Episode 109: Radiate, Singles Yarn in Weaving & Colour Mixing

Welcome to the show! Happy New Year! For many, we are well into the swing of January and the new season but I hope your holiday break was lovely, restful and full of making. Do you have any plans or goals for the new year? Anything you’d like to accomplish? I know there are a few in the community who are hoping to make this the year of their handspun sweaters – very exciting! In the show this week, I chat about our Breed and Colour Study of Masham and the colourway, ‘Starry Night’ that Katrina developed for us. I share a couple of finished objects, including a wrap in some handspun singles and my Radiate sweater by Joji Locatelli. It’s amazing what we can do when we have some quiet time! Lastly, we get into a large spinning growth about colour management. Enjoy the show!

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One of my goals for 2019 was to provide more comprehensive show notes, as well as formal notes for myself during the show. I’ve usually written out the show notes by hand – which is a practice I enjoyed because I could do it from anywhere! Instead, I’ve set aside time throughout the months to work on formal notes to guide the show. This becomes the show notes each week for you! I hope you enjoy the new format – it might help to find things about what was discussed in the show as well, rather than having to actually re-watch the episode (particularly for those who have joined us in the Live Stream).
From today’s show:
Works in Progress
  1. Nest Fiber Studio ‘Noel’ yarn – SW Merino, Merino & Nylon
    • Ashford eSpinner
    • Traditional 3-ply … thinking about switching to an opposing ply for the 3rd singles
    • Ravelry project page
  2. Breed & Colour Studies – Starry Nights on Masham (MAS-ham)
    • Tiffany’s – enediyne (post 157) finished singles, yet to be washed and finished
    • Linda – nauti54knitter (post 197) natural grey on spindles
    • My own progress with my Starry Nights handpaint – traditional 2-ply, lace weight
      • Reflections on spinning Masham
      • Utilizing a slightly higher uptake than I usually do & working well to create a fine lace singles
      • Lots of colour in this fibre – easy to have muddying

Finished Objects

  1. Woven wrap in purple singles – unwashed at present
    • SweetGeorgia Yarns BFL & Silk – club December 2017 “Hibernate”
      • Was the final SGY club colourway
    • Edgewood Garden Studios Wensleydale – spun in October 2018
    • Rigid Heddle, 7.5DPI heddle
    • Measurements pre-finishing: coming soon
  2. Radiate by Joji Locatelli
    • WestCoast Colour BFL – spun in August 2015
      • DK/Worsted weight, 125 grams
      • 2-ply, 10WPI
      • Spun on my Hansen miniSpinner
    • West Yorkshire Spinners Aire Valley DK
      • Colourway 10 Cream
      • Approximately 4 balls for the project – 1006 yards
    • Modifications:
      • Lengthened the body to ~16.5 inches
      • Lengthened the sleeves to ~19.5 inches
      • Used 3.75mm needles for ribbing on hem, sleeves

Spinning Growth

  1. SpinKnitLuv (Ingrid) –

So my big “whomp whomp” was my first attempt at blending rolags on a blending board. The rolags were beautiful, but when spun, the yarn was muddy, even when I plied it with a solid. Ugh. Still have lots to learn about color combinations.

  • Love this comment and dilemma b/c we have all experienced it at some point or another!
  • Break it down and learn from this experience – there were some tell-tale signs that the finished yarn would appear mostly green and would muddy as a result of the colours that were used to making the rolags on the blending board
  • The initial colours included in the braid were green (dominates from a volume perspective – most of the original braid is green), which is actually yellow and blue, hits of magenta-pink, and blue with purple.
    • Remember: Purple is red and blue mixed together
    • This means that there is every single colour from the primary colour wheel included in this braid
    • Added in okra yellow, purple-mauve and green firestar and some white
    • White will add light, make colours pastel in quality
    • In the end, though, other than orange (which is made when red and yellow are combined, which are both in the braid from the purple), every colour is included in this colour combination
    • What happens when we mix all the primary and secondary colours together? Brown. Mud. Sometimes grey.
    • At first glance, the yarn looks quite green but it’s lost the pizazz of the bright green in the braid b/c of all the other colours mixed with it. This is optical mixing at it’s best b/c there isn’t actually orange in there but it looks orange in places, brown in others, muted-grey green in still others.
    • The result is muted overall
    • Great accent yarn for a project with a much brighter colour that one might want to tone down. Set next to white or cream to brighten it. Place next to black to darken it even more and create something moody and deep. A lot you can still do with this yarn!
    • And it’s fun. There’s the firestar in there with the hits of white. It’s interesting and was probably really fun to make!


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