Episode 111 Live: Woven Llama & Silk


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Works in Progress

  1. Breed & Colour Studies – Starry Nights on Masham (MAS-ham)
    • Again and again I see people state that the black is their favourite, which is really surprising!
    • PurpleLemur (Shara) – variety of yarns! Crepe, 2-ply, combo plies – found that the black ended up the softest and the ones where she broke up and spun like colours ended up ropey
    • Tomatl (Kelly G. Knits) – spun low twist singles, grist of 1606YPP! Fulled and thwacked to finish the yarns b/c felt there were weak spots; TPI ~2.5 and angle of twist ~15°
    • Bamberoo2 – Targhee study braids that were added; fractal spin for the Shift Cowl and finished the white braid first. Focusing on next to the skin softness of this spin and used the Akerworks spindles. Overall, working on consistency.
  2. Smith & Ewe SW Merino & Nylon pencil roving
    • Divided it into 4 equal bundles and spinning on my Lendrum 17:1
    • Short-backward draft, worsted

Finished Objects

  1. Nest Fiber Studios – SW Merino, Merino & Nylon
    • Christmas 2016, Noel
    • Crepe yarn – 3-ply
  2. Hawser Yarn Socks – Hedgehog Fibres SW Merino & Nylon (70/30)
  3. Llama & Silk Wrap/Throw – project page for yarn here and weaving here
    • 5TPI heddle
    • Used all of my yarn – total 530gm

Spinning Growth

  1. From silvermacaroons (post # 71) ~

So I have a yarn that I like now but did not like right after I spun it and I learned that I sometime have to put something aside for a while before I finished working with it. Also I can go against the rules anytime I feel like it.
So I got this vary bright braid and I was hoping to blend the colours a to mute them a bit but instead I got a vary extreme barber pole yarn and it was a yarn I spun in the firSr few months of spinning so it’s to be expected that it didn’t turn out as I was expecting. At first I hated it cause I had been taught that barber poling is bad and after over a year of not thinking about the yarn I decided I didn’t mind it that much after all and even though next time I would do it different. I will still happily wear the glove I made.

  • Love that sometimes our projects don’t turn out exactly as we intended and then we can grow and learn from them
  • Projects seem to go through an ‘ugly’ phase in which we aren’t keen on the process and what we are making, only to come out with something we love
  • Bright colours tend to barber pole really badly
  • If you want to highlight the brightness, chain-ply, but if not, it’s a great idea to card the colours together
  • Here, if you’d carded the colours together, the bright yellow would have been completely lost which would have been sad b/c it’s so great and makes the gloves interesting
  • Amazing how the barber pole is minimized in the final project – it’s barely noticeable in the finished mitts!


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