Episode 112 Live: Shawl Knitting, Woven Project Planning & Holes in Socks

Thank you for joining us today! Welcome to the show – thank you to our Patreon community for continuing to support the work I do here. If this is your first time tuning in, welcome and welcome back to those returning viewers! This week, we chat about my personal exploration of the Breed & Colour Studies, as well as, showcase some community members’ projects. Next, I share some works in progress and this month’s Crafty Jaks Fibre club. Last, we get into a discussion about some projects I am planning to weave in the near-future, including some projects using handspun. We will be saving the Spinning Growth for next time. Enjoy the show!

Community News

  • Handspinning News is released – monthly publication of inspirational information and entertainment for spinners, knitters, crocheters, dyers & weavers.
    • Hand-spinning-news.com
    • Great blog post by April on her Opposing 3-Ply Sock Yarn after 2.5 years here.
    • More written on Naturally Tough (ie. no nylon) socks from Rebecca here.

Works in Progress

  1. Breed & Colour Studies – Starry Nights on Masham (MAS-ham)
    • Woven blanket will be chronicled in the March How I Spin content – link here for vlog & PDF download.
    • This week, showcasing finished projects with the yarns since we are getting dangerously close to the end of the study.
    • DebiWin (post 275) made socks from control colourway – finds them soft to touch, washed on wool setting in machine. Bit of pilling on one of socks.
    • Bldaiker (post 294) made pillows! They are amazing! Fulled in washing machine, tighter structure. Soft and with halo.
  2. Asymmetrical shawl – test knit
    • Pattern from the book, which K & I are putting the finishing touches on
    • Working through the pattern one more time
    • Yarn was the perfect compliment for this pattern
    • Corriedale from stashed handspun yarn – lovely to work with! >225 yards of spun, combed yarn from 2014
    • Due to loom waste and disaster warping rigid heddle, tons of short but knittable ends so worked them in with lots of joins – will set once washed and be structurally fine
  3. Smith & Ewe SW Merino & Nylon Cabled Yarn
    • Winding weaving bobbins to ply from first-spun end
    • Using Leclerc bobbins because they hold more
    • Plying first two singles together for the first ½ of the cabled yarn

 Finished Objects

  1. CraftyJaks Fibre Club – Rambouillet
    • Rolags
    • Pre-drafted and spun end-to-end using long draw – posted on Instagram
    • Soaked in warm water with Eucalan for 30-45 minutes to allow water to really penetrate the yarn
    • Squeezed out water as much as possible & hung to dry in front of the fire

Project Planning

  1. Borrowed Louet Jane loom over the past week & warped it up with friend
  2. Working away on a cotton 4/8 cotton warp – almost done
  3. Plans for projects over coming months:
    • First 9-yrd warp done myself!! Crafty Jaks Tough & Tender fingering weight yarn
    • SweetGeorgia Yarns BFL + Silk ‘Eden’ – spun in April 2016 on Turkish Turtlemade Spindle
      • Pairing with ‘Snowflakes’ from Henry’s Attic – mohair, silk & sparkle for weft
    • Tea Towels from mood board – used inspirational photos; found combination worked for me!


  1. 51 Yarns SAL – working through Long & Down wools at the moment. Monthly teaching Vlog goes through my experiments for the month & Thoughtful Spinner chronicles my woven long-wool scarf that I made over Christmas.
  2. Support the Show for small business owners – information on the blog and/or email me directly for more
  3. Newsletter for Wool n’ Spinning
    • Helps to let everyone know about upcoming dates for the community all in one space
    • Access the sign-up on the blog in the bar at the top of the page
    • Published once per month

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