Episode 114 Live: Unbraided, Fibres West & new Breed & Colour Study

Thank you joining me this week! Welcome to new and returning viewers – I appreciate you tuning in. Thank you to patrons of the show – you keep this little community alive and thriving! After a rocky start to March, I decided to take a small break during our Spring Break and get away. We had a great time, off the grid, and I’m definitely feeling much more like myself again! Thank you for your understanding.
There’s been lots happening in the background here – Unbraided pre-orders are open! Thank you to those who’ve already supported. As well, the next installment of Breed & Colour Studies is going live in about 10 days. Links will be posted within the next week. Stay tuned. In the meantime, please listen to Wool n’ Spinning Radio, episode 34 for more!
This week, I share my reflections on Fibres West, a large local fibre festival that Katrina and I were at last weekend. Thank you to those who came up and introduced themselves, said hi and chatted — I appreciated your time and kindness. I have a couple of projects in progress at the moment and some finished objects as well!

I hope you enjoy the show! Thank you for spending time with me & the community.

Fibres West Reflection

  1. THANK YOU for the pre-orders! We have ordered the second proof b/c we needed to make some changes to the layout. Will have the book in-hand within the month and will start shipping immediately. If you missed and would still like to pre-order (this helps immensely with knowing how many to order), please click here.
  2. West Coast Colour – Lynne Anderson – Rambouillet yarn “Homestead
    1. Katrina is going to dye it for the colours of The Throwback by Andrea Mowry
    2. GIVEAWAY fibre! 2 colourways for April’s giveaway – Pop into the Ravelry group and tell us about some of your favourite patterns for handspun (I’ll add them to the handspun pattern bundle later in the Spring).
  3. Disdero Ranch – rolags from her flock
    1. Will divide the rolags in half to spin myself & share another set with you – will be May’s giveaway! Stay tuned
  4. Gave a talk about socks, yarn structure & colour management – felt very supported by my friends who attended and engaged. Thank you!

Works in Progress

  1. Disdero Ranch Romney
    1. Spinning short backward without smoothing
    2. Medium twist single
    3. Will ply high twist and sample on the loom with some various patterning before spinning anymore
    4. Just need second bobbin!
    5. 2/2 twill – thinking about a large piece of fabric for a dress … or tunic …

Finished Objects

  1. Smith & Ewe SW Merino & Nylon Cabled Yarn
    1. First sock completed – continues to untwist as I knit however with some feedback after last show, have been able to change how I hold the yarn & it is minimizing the untwisting.
  2. Crafty Jaks March Club – Teeswater
    1. Gradient spin
    2. Nests of fibre
    3. Singles spin on my Lendrum at 15:1 – short backward draft, large distance between my hands due to the staple length
    4. Kept the draft really light and no smoothing, just ran my fingers back in order to pinch and pull again
    5. Lovely halo, sport weight singles – going to use in some sort of a weaving experiment!
  3. Breed & Colour Study – Looking Glass shawl, designed by myself
    1. White à normal à black
    2. Tunis spin for white – combed more and spun to make more yarn
      • Leftover couple of yarns
      • Beautiful sheen
      • Slightly coarser than my fibre that I’d received but spun up beautifully


  • Unbraided – proof in our hands!
    1. Pre-orders were announced on the website and Patreon at the end of March – thank you!! Pre-orders are still live since I haven’t streamed since we received the proof – links here
    2. E-Books will be coming shortly for those wishing to wait for a paperless copy
  • Breed & Colour Studies – Next installment has begun!
    1. Please listen to Wool n’ Spinning Radio ep. 34
    2. April 15th @ 9:00am PST orders will go live!
    3. Blog post will be forth coming – please watch Patreon & the blog for links


  • This month’s sponsor of the show is Color Storms
  • April’s Breed & Colour Study will commence on April 1st – fibre orders open Monday, April 15th at 9am PST – links coming in a post within the next week
  • Calendar giveaway
    1. Patreon Giveaway (calendar):
    2. April Giveaway – 2 people (missed March) – Enter in April Episode thread
      • Tell us about your favourite knitting/weaving patterns for handspun – I’ll add them to our handspun pattern bundle later in the Spring in the Rav group
  • April giveaway – sponsored by Westcoast Colour (Lynn)
    1. Tell us about a breed specific yarn or fibre from a farm that you have worked with or would like to work with (with links to the farm/shop if possible) and why it was so great – what separated it from conventional commercial yarn?
  • 51 Yarns SAL – working through double-coated wools at the moment. Monthly teaching Vlog goes through my experiments for the month & Thoughtful Spinner chronicles my woven long-wool scarf that I made over Christmas.
  • Support the Show for small business owners – information on the blog and/or email me directly for more
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