Breed & Colour Study: Dorset Horn

Dear Spinning Circle ~
It’s that time of year again! Another Breed & Colour Study is set to go-live next week! We started sharing photos in the thread in Ravelry and Katrina continues to look through it to see what you guys have been posting. A community member, Charlette (@carlota), posted this photo, which we chose for this study:
As you can see, this is a photo of neutrals. We haven’t delved into neutrals yet in our studies so we thought this was an awesome opportunity to do just that!
If you have participated in Breed & Colour Studies in the past, you may remember that the Fall study is on combed top whereas the Spring study is carded preparation. This is the Spring preparation: carded Rolags!
You may notice that the rolags look slightly different from rolag-to-rolag. Last study, we looked at black and white in our spinning. We learned an incredible amount about the results when black and white are added to our spinning colours. We thought we’d continue that study in our carded preparation. The rolags (pictured above) on the left have black fibre added to them, whereas the rolags on the right have white added. They look like completely different colourways! What do you think will happen when they are spun?!
That’s the beauty of Breed & Colour studies!
There will also be kits available for purchase if you’d like to prepare your fibre for spinning, rather than spinning from the carded rolags. The choice is yours!
For those part of the Slack community, the conversation will continue over there on the #general channel. For those who also/only participate in the Ravelry group, the thread has begun here.

The following links will go live on Monday, April 15th @ 10am (Patrons, PLEASE check this link here so that you are NOT DISAPPOINTED!). 

The purchasing link is here. Patrons please see this post here.

Please note: You DO NOT need to purchase fibre to participate in this SAL — the reason for our Breed & Colour SALs is to learn and support one another when spinning different fibres. Purchasing your own, dyeing your own, or stash busting is absolutely welcome! Just join us!
If you have any questions or comments, please comment below or message me directly.
Happy Spinning!
Rachel & Katrina

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