Episode 116: woven Eden stole, shawl cuff & Bastidor handspun

Thank you for joining me this week. This month, there will be 3 shows due to our missed show in March. I’m not sure what has been going on over here the past couple of weeks but I have a ton of finished items to share with you. While I haven’t had much in terms of knitting mojo (although I have finished my #grotine shawl), I’ve been spinning a ton! I have multiple finished yarns to share with you – but I’m going to hold back a few of them to share with you in later in the month or we’d be here all day! I share some new projects with you, as well as, a spin that took 2 years on my spindles. In particular, I’m really excited to share with you my Eden stole that I wove off the loom last week. Enjoy the show!

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Liz Gipson’s Yarnwork School of Weaving here.

Works in Progress

CraftyJaks Wensleydale & Mohair batt (87% Wensleydale/13% Mohair)
  • Broke into 6 nests, each spun to a bobbin for two skeins of traditional 3-ply
  • First skein finished – washed and snapped, hung to dry
  • Knitting socks to test out the mohair in the batt
  • Lots of halo & fuzz, even without thwacking

CraftyJaks May Club – Charollais Sheep

  • gradient batt
  • plan to spin through the different colours, keeping them clean and as fine as possible to chain-ply

Finished Objects

Bastidor handspun – Corriedale & Merino cross, Chile, gift from my friend Nina
  • Turkish spindle spin
  • Over 2 years in progress
  • Plied on Snyder Spindles’ Steampunk
  • Part of a larger gradient spin, 1st spin – not sure if I’m going to just spin final 2; might card them up for variety
Shawl Cuff, crossbreed handspun here 
  • Small pattern that I wrote and played with – will become a blog post
  • Love the effec
  • Toggle buttons
  • SweetGeorgia Yarns BFL + Silk in colourway Eden, April 2016 handspun
  • Woven on Louet Jane in 2/2 twill
  • Henry’s Attic Merino, Mohair, Nylon & sparkle yarn from LYS; cone of fibre – used about 33 grams
  • Warped to a sett of 10EPI; balanced weave
  • Warped 3 yards – pre-washing measurements 14.25” x 69” and 9” fringe; post-washing 13” x 63” (roughly 10% shrinkage)


  • Unbraided – EBOOKS available here & book orders can be made here


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Until next time,

Happy Spinning!

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