Episode 120: Chain-Plying, Spinning Thin & More

This week’s show is a slightly different format and I hope you enjoy it. We chat a bit at the beginning but get into two wheel demos instead of just showing yarn or projects. Some movement of cameras and whatnot but I hope you enjoyed the demos. Time stamps are below! Welcome to new and returning viewers. Thank you for spending some time with me today. Patrons of the show, I hope I see you on the weekend for our first Maker Morning! Enjoy!


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Maker Mornings to Celebrate our Three (!!) Year Anniversary

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Breed & Colour Studies

  • Bridgetflynn shares her crammed & dented scarf weaving with us:
    • First project weaving exclusively with handspun!! I wove a “dented” shawl based on a shawl I found on Ravelry. I think the correct name of the pattern is crammed and spaced. My intention was to show the subtle difference between the two shades of the Dorset Horn and to use a pattern that would allow me to weave a shawl with the limited amount of yarn that I had. I used the lighter yarn as the warp and the darker as the warp. I had to include a little of the Polwarth in both the warp and the weft in order to have enough yarn for the size I wanted. I wove this on my Saori loom because I can use a loose tension and, since I was weaving with singles, I was afraid a stronger tension would snap some threads.

Ask Anything

Ava (TalbottFiber – post 1527) asks:

Hello fiber peeps! I have a question about spinning wheels. I have a Cassandra wheel made by John Sherman ( I think). Love the wheel; however I am ready to spin fingering and lace weight yarns. My wheel does not have a high enough ratio for the fine yarns. I thought it would work and I am just not happy with the results. One of the things I love about this wheel is the 4 ounce bobbins, they are great for playing!

That being said, my question is, which wheels would you recommend for making lace and fingering weight yarns? Can you get 3D printed bobbins for the wheel?

Any feedback you have to offer would be greatly appreciated!!!

Spin happy,

  • Can spin any yarn on any wheel, regardless of ratio with practice and patience
  • Maybe with the exception of some of the textured yarns b/c of the orifice and guides sizing
  • Focus on learning the drafts of worsted and learning to draft thinner and thinner, speed your feet slightly for added twist: please watch demo during the podcast (time stamp: 42:00)
  • Just takes more work
  • If you are looking to purchase a new wheel, any modern wheel on the market will do the job and you can often buy higher ratios/flyers for the wheel down the road

Works in Progress

CraftyJaks Fibre Club – rainbow colourway

  • Welsh/Tussah Silk/Mohair
  • Singles are spun but I need to chain-ply! Let’s do it! (time-stamp for demo: 51:44)


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