Episode 121: Travelling, Home Spun & Lotsa Knitting

Thank you for joining us this week after my being away for the past month. To those who’ve been in touch over the past month, thank you for your kind notes and thoughts. I really appreciate it. Thank you for the ongoing patronage of our Spinning Circle – the show is able to continue on month after month. Welcome to new and returning viewers. Your time spent here and participation in the Ravelry group is so appreciated! To those who were able to join the Live Stream – thank you for participating and adjusting to the change in schedule this week. With no childcare or school in the summer, the streaming schedule always is a little bit challenging so I appreciate your flexibility.

This week, I share a little bit about our trip and reflections on travelling such a long way. I had spent a lot of time project planning prior to our leaving, which both paid off and also wasn’t ideal. I discuss some of the choices I made, reasons behind them and things I would do differently in the future. Since there are so many projects to share with you, we break them up into a couple of different sections within the show. For more on the shawls I knit for Breed & Colour Studies, please keep your eyes open for the release of September’s How I Spin content in which I’ll discuss these projects in much more detail. Enjoy the show!


Unbraided – EBOOKS available here & book orders can be made here.

Maker Mornings to Celebrate our Three (!!) Year Anniversary

  • For more, please head to this post on Patreon for dates & times
  • All patrons are invited to join us this summer as we explore some of my making together in a Live Stream
  • Currently, we are working towards meeting this goal on Patreon to make these a regular part of our months – think of this as a taster!

June – sponsored by Disdero Ranch; carded rolags Laurie made – Ravelry post #23 – Wendy {WMcN}

Introductions thread – calendar – post #586 – Leisbeth {Liesbethverbeke} from Belgium

Be sure to sign up for the Wool n’ Spinning Newsletter at welfordpurls.com

Breed & Colour Studies

Adventura by Laura Nelkin

  • Ravelry handspun page here
  • Ravelry project page

Ramble by Andrea Mowry

  • Ravelry handspun page
  • Ravelry project page here

Works in Progress

Organic Polwarth by Smith & Ewe

  • Lendrum DT, ratio 17:1
  • Fine singles, 3-ply
  • Ravelry handspun page

Finished Objects

  • Gifted the Grotine shawls (here & here) to James’ teachers – both were incredibly kind and touched by them, wore them immediately

Throwback Cardigan by Andrea Mowry

  • Ravelry project page here
  • Westcoast Colour & Carding online shop here

Garter/Lace Shawl in Dorset

  • Spunky Eclectic club fibre from 2014
  • Ravelry handspun page here
  • Ravelry project page here

Lady Marple by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne

  • Commercial yarn – Malabrigo Arroyo in Archangel
  • Ravelry project page here


  • 51 Yarns SAL this month is all about TEXTURED YARN, specifically about TAILSPINNING. Check out the vlog or the Thoughtful Spinner for more.
  • How I Spin this month is exploring the carded Dorset rolags in our Breed & Colour Study that is currently ongoing. Check out the vlog or the PDF for more detail here.
  • Support the Show for small business owners – information on the blog and/or email me directly for more

The show has been released for this week for our Patreon community. I will release the show publicly with show notes on Saturday morning. Thank you for your patience.

Please comment below if there’s something you’re wondering about and I’ll try to answer or link it if I can!

Until next time – Happy Spinning!


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