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As you may know, we have a Live Stream up and coming on Saturday morning this weekend to finish out the end of a crazy summer. There are some changes coming down the pipeline for me, and while many of my plans have not been finalized or fully flushed out due to life events, I wanted to share with you a few changes that will be coming in September! This includes a new tier, some shifting slightly and new content release dates. Don’t worry if all the details are lost on you or you forget. This post will be linked and saved on our Index. While the Index is accessible to everyone, the links themselves lead to patron-only posts. To unlock content you are interested in, please think about pledging a small amount monthly to support the content I create here. Every bit helps to keep the lights on and allow me to continue creating, inspiring and helping others with their making.

Up till now, monthly content that you sign up for has been released on the 1st of every month so that I know each of you have received it and have the month to work through it. I worry, though, that this ends up overwhelming you. Sometimes it is nice to have a little ‘treat’ in your inbox every week – I know I love that! Therefore, depending on your pledge level, you will be receiving something EVERY WEEK throughout the months that you continue your Patreon support. From the monthly VLOGS to Wool n’ Spinning Radio to PDFs to Live Streams to our Maker Mornings (once we unlock those) to the new Wool Stream, you will have a bit of new content to watch, read and interact with each week, throughout the month, on an ongoing basis. Pretty awesome, huh?!

As I prepare for the Stream this weekend with patrons of the community, I thought a blog post with a run-down of the new & changing tiers might help. Here they are as they will read as of today on Patreon:

  • The Spinning Circle ($5*): Includes Slack membership, Wool n’ Spinning Radio (our monthly audio podcast) & the monthly teaching VLOG that currently centers around our 51 Yarns SAL that we are participating in as a community.
  • The Co-Executive Producer ($10*): Includes the above, your name in the credits of Wool n’ Spinning & the How I Spin VLOG created around the theme that we are exploring for 3 months. This past summer, it was centered around how I spun the Breed & Colour Studies fibre and now, we are shifting to handspun, handknit socks.
  • The Thoughtful Spinner ($12*): Includes the above and The Thoughtful Spinner PDF that accompanies our 51 Yarns SAL to discuss my explorations in more depth and detail.
  • NEW The Wool Stream ($18*): Includes the above and a new bi-weekly stream hosted on Tuesday mornings PST discussing all things building a capsule wardrobe. More below!
  • The Attentive Spinner ($20*): Includes the above and How I Spin PDF that accompanies the How I Spin Vlog to discuss my explorations in more depth and detail.

*Please note that one some podcasts on Patreon, the maker charges per episode but Wool n’ Spinning is MONTHLY; there is always an option on Patreon to pledge an amount YOU are comfortable with and that will unlock various pledge tiers if the amount is high enough.

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I’d like to share more about the new Wool Stream. I have been juggling this around in my head for a long time now and have looked forward to being able to ‘unlock’ something like this for a while. Hosting The Wool Stream on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday morning of the month means that for some, there will be a live stream every week since the podcast airs on the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month. The Wool Stream will be ~ 30 minutes of discussion around building a capsule wardrobe. Sometimes we will be working at the loom, maybe sewing or maybe planning. No, I won’t be working exclusively with wool but I will be thinking about fibres, sustainability and impact on the environment.

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and although I’ve blogged in the past about capsule wardrobes, it has continued to elude me. I don’t want to make all of my clothes – like gym wear, jeans and underwear – but I would like to work towards a mostly handmade, thoughtful and useful closet. Layering will be key! From spinning to weaving to sewing, this will be the space to think, explore and reflect upon this making. It might take a year or ten but if making cloth, thinking about sustainable items that will last years and working through the process is something you’d like to engage in, this might be the pledge tier for you!

The Wool Stream will always be available to those who pledge at this tier (or higher) later if you can’t make it in real time. Being present every time is probably not realistic anyhow! Just as you have experienced with the Maker Mornings and regular episodes, there will be a Patreon post associated with The Wool Stream to view at any time. These will also be indexed in our above-linked Google Doc. As well, chat will be visible to see what the group was discussing at the time.

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Switching gears slightly, the current milestone or goal that we are working towards on Patreon is creating the Maker Mornings as a regular occurrence in our monthly Streams. We had a ton of fun this summer during the morning streams and many commented on how much they enjoyed the relaxed nature of these events. We chatted, answered questions, bounced ideas and made some things. If you are currently a patron of the community but missed some of this, please have a look at June, July and August. This goal will be ‘unlocked’ when we reach 300 members in our community! WE ARE SO CLOSE!! So, tell your friends, chat about us on social media and help us spread the word to others who you think might want to share in our inspiration, motivation and education.

Questions? Thoughts? Please comment below or join us on Saturday if you’re a patron of the community to hear more! I am so excited to be entering this next chapter with you. The Fall is one of my most favourite seasons, besides August (although this year, August can be done and over but I look forward to next August!), and I’m excited to see where our making takes us. I hope you feel welcome and join us.

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