Thank you for being here today, especially those who were able to make it to the Live Stream. I appreciate your time spent here in this place and me. I hope you feel most welcome because you are welcome here.

On today’s show, I share with you big news! My course, Spin to Knit a Sweater, has been released on the School of SweetGeorgia! I’m pretty excited and the affiliate link is here. Thank you for your support! We chat about several works in progress that I have going at the moment. One has been slightly waylaid by a dye lot issue … I’ll keep you posted. I started a new sweater project and have another warp that I am getting ready for the Compact (discussed in depth here). Last, we discuss my finished weaving project that had just come off the loom last week but hadn’t been fulled or fringe-twisted  – it’s finished now! I hope you enjoy the show!


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Spinning Growth

Reminder to share your yarns and projects that you want to ‘reflect’ upon – it is an opportunity as a community to learn from our ‘mistakes’!

Breed & Colour Studies

Tessa – TessaW (post no. 110) shares:

  • I haven’t had a chance to knit up my yarn yet but here it is. For the study I chose Katrina’s undyed braid rather than the dyed fibre – in part because I’ve had such great access to her dyed fibres before and wanted to make sure others got their chance to enjoy how awesome it is and also because I had an idea to try something myself. I managed a bit of natural “sun dyeing” with coffee, tea and turmeric. I hand carded the dyed fibre to make it a woolen prep and since it really felt like it wanted to be spun long draw it turned into a proper woolen yarn. I’m still a long draw novice and this was a very manageable fibre and a nice sized project to practice with. I know that the color will fade with time because of the dyes and method and I’m okay with that. It was a fun experiment. I found this fibre really took the dyes well, especially given the very simple prep. I ended up with a total of about 205 yards of delightfully springy worsted weight yarn woolen yarn. I hope to spin more dorset horn the future, I really enjoyed it.

Donna – Dlbknit (post no. 101) shares her shawl that is a variation on the lace pattern, Old Shale.

Savannah – SavvyLikeThat (post no. 84) shares:

  • I dyed 100g as a colour way with peaches and purples and 50g I left white and 50g I dyed black. I then split the 100g colour way into 50g x 2 and one went with white and one went with black. I then made rolags from the blended fiber. The white + Colourway = 100g, which I split into 2x50g lots of rolags and the black + colourway =100g which I split into 2x50g lots. 1 white plus color rolags was spun and plied N-ply, 1 was spun and plied 2 ply, and the black + colourway was the same – 1 as N-ply and 1 as 2 ply. That gave me 4 skeins of 50gs each – an N-ply and a 2ply in both the black and white blends. I then wove it on my SampleIt with a 1.5-meter warps – 14 warp ends per skein and in the order black N-ply, white 2ply, black 2 ply, white N-ply across the warp. I kept the same order as weft repeating up the piece. It was fascinating to see how the colour managed. I didn’t expect it to puff up as much as it did so even though it was my thinnest singles, its a thick enough yarn – dk to worsted almost.
  • Link to the YouTube video she made about the process:

Works in Progress

Sparks of Grey by Melanie Berg – Ravelry project page here

  • Handspun mill ends from SpinCycle Yarns in October 2014, had bought from Knit City that year
  • Stashed commercial yarn for the white – started second ball of yarn and it’s the wrong colour! Stark white instead of cream so I need to get another ball of cream to be able to carry on

Shifty by Andrea Mowry

  • Part of my capsule wardrobe that we will be discussing in The Wool Stream
  • Started spinning the green, main colour for the sweater: Westcoast Colour, BFL & Silk
  • Traditional 3-ply, 300 grams

Finished Objects

Naturals Woven Bed Scarf

Thank you so much for joining me today! I hope you enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing some of you next week in our first Weekly Wool Stream – I hope you are able to join us. Until then, Happy Spinning!

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