Breed & Colour Studies: Update

Dear Spinning Circle,

Thank you so much for your reception of the latest Breed & Colour Study! Katrina and I were beyond pleased with your comments and excitement. To be able to host events like this twice a year is amazing and I hope the experience of spinning the organic Polwarth is wonderful. Katrina shared the colours with you on the most recent Wool n’ Spinning Radio episode here (audio) and here (video).

To that end, Katrina and I were hoping to be able to release the links for purchasing the fibre she’s in the process of dyeing this week. The goal was to have the fibre ready for you by mid-month but after a very hectic fall, we are going to push the dates towards the end of the month. As soon as the fibre is ready to go, I will be posting the links for purchase on Katrina’s website.

For those who are going to stash dive, please begin sharing your spinning experience in the Ravelry thread in the Wool n’ Spinning group. To those who are planning to purchase, let us know what your initial thoughts are about how you think you are going to spin the fibre. Share what you think you might do with the yarn as well: Are you going to knit with it? Weave? Crochet?

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we get this latest Breed & Colour Study underway!


Rachel & Katrina

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