Episode 127 Live: Project planning, multiple WIPs & more!

Thank you for being here today, especially those who were able to make it to the Live Stream. I appreciate your time spent here in this place and me. I hope you feel most welcome because you are welcome here.

Ask Anything

Aracely (are-uh-cell-E), OurFreckledLife (post 1594) asks:

Hi all! I am new to the group and new to spinning. I just started in July. I have a Kiwi 1. I really want to use this fiber in a sweater spin but have no idea how to combine them. Any suggestions are highly appreciated and since I’m so new please dumb it down for me. I have 4 oz of each braid and 4 oz of the plain brown.

Now the spin, I want to do a 2 ply. I am trying to use a pattern I already own so maybe a Mon Manet Light or a So Faded without doing the fade. I honestly have no idea about color management mainly because I don’t really have experience with it.

I am hoping to use the heathered fiber. It is actually a brown and is a different fiber than the braids. The braids are merino and the heathered brown is a Shetland/alpaca (85/15). I am hoping to make it a part of the yarn if possible but I’m not sure how to do that since I only have 4oz. It has been suggested I could color block but I’m unsure about color blocking with a variegated yarn. I hope this is making sense and I am not over dreaming.

  • Love the idea of shopping and making from your pattern library on Ravelry
  • Not sure what the fibre is that the braids are, but they appear very different so combining them will be slightly challenging in the spinning
  • Blending them together and taking an extra step in fibre preparation would go a long way if you wanted to combine the fibres
  • Otherwise, spin them separately and sample prior to see how they knit up together, either striped or otherwise to get a sense of whether you like them together and allow that to inform your spinning decisions

Breed & Colour Studies // Spinning Growth

Katrina and I announced our next iteration of Breed & Colour Studies on Wool n’ Spinning Radio on October 1st. If you missed it, there’s a choice of video or audio format this month – let us know what you think! More information to come with links and ordering information as soon as Katrina has recovered from Knit City. Stay tuned!

For ongoing updates, please be sure to be checking the Patreon posts regularly if you aren’t already receiving them as a patron of the community. The lastest is here. Ordering will POTENTIALLY be on October 25th. More to come ASAP.

Works in Progress

Shifty by Andrea Mowry

  • Super inspired by Hanna (habihopost no. 366 & finished post no. 373) of our Handspun Sweater Makers thread on Ravelry!
  • Part of my capsule wardrobe that we will be discussing in The Wool Stream
  • Started spinning the green, main colour for the sweater: Westcoast Colour, BFL & Silk
  • Traditional 3-ply, 300 grams
  • Spinning to a WPI of 12-13 for sport weight to match the one called for in the pattern

Copenhagan Cardigan by Petite Knits

  • Westcoast Colour FAlkand, striped and pre-drafted
  • Moderate to high twist
  • Traditional 2-ply, light fingering weight
  • Will be knit with Mohair/Silk blend from local dyer

Mariechen by Isabell Kramer – Ravelry project page here

  • Clun Forest spin, ripped and re-knit
  • Alternating skeins
  • Loving this stitch patterning with this yarn!
  • 00mm needles for close gauge – knitting size S

Felix Cardigan by Amy Christoffers

  • Commercial yarn – Sweet Fiber Canadian in Boardwalk
  • Knit and separated for the yoke but the fit was unruly
  • Ripped and re-knit, worked total of 28 stitches less from beginning of yoke for new fit 34” bust

Finished Objects

Assymetrical Tea Towels by Jane Stafford Online Guild v2.0

  • Hemmed! Now, I need to figure out gifts.
  • Warped up the Compact 24” with more tea towels – sleying this weekend hopefully

Sparks of Grey by Melanie Berg – Ravelry project page here

  • Handspun mill ends from SpinCycle Yarns in October 2014, had bought from Knit City that year
  • washed and blocked – perfect fit, have been wearing it a ton!


Epic Cloth Challenge – Handwoven Scout Tee

  • 2/8 cotton, warped up the Leclerc Jack Loom
  • 18EPI & 18PPI
  • Ongoing and almost finishing the weaving.
  • For more on this project, please come join us in The Wool Stream.


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Maker Mornings to Celebrate our Three (!!) Year Anniversary

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  • Currently, we are working towards meeting this goal on Patreon to make these a regular part of our months – think of this as a taster!

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Katrina and I made a really cool video of Wool n’ Spinning Radio this month – check it out here.

This month, our 51 Yarns SAL this month is all about further understanding yarn structure, namely 2- and 3-ply yarns! Please check out this post for the intro VLOG.

How I Spin this month is about finishing off our current Breed & Colour Studies. I’m knit my way through the yarns and share my FOs! Watch your Patreon notifications for the posts as they come available!

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Thank you so much for joining me today! I hope you enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow morning at the same time for the bi-monthly Wool Stream – I hope you are able to join us. Until then, Happy Spinning!

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  1. My apologies, I had to leave the Patreon group for financial reasons, so I’ll comment here. I spun for a Shifty Sweater at Ravelry’s suggested 12wpi, and then discovered that the pattern is actually written for a finer yarn; the Spincycle Yarn is actually much closer to fingering weight. After swatching, I decided to knit proceed with a much smaller size using my thicker yarn, knowing that my project would have a different drape.

    1. rachel Author says:

      That is so helpful Penelope – thank you so much!!

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