Episode 131 Live: A Christmas Wreath, Distaff spinning & Knitting with another’s handspun

Thank you for being here today, especially those who were able to make it to the Live Stream. I appreciate your time spent here in this place and me. I hope you feel most welcome because you are welcome here.

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Breed & Colour Studies

How I Spin (1).jpg

In the newsletter this month, I shared the beginnings of my Breed & Colour Study thoughts that will be vlogged about in the How I Spin content beginning January 2020. For the initial thoughts, please have a look here (YouTube).

Spinning Growth

mjm (post no. 148) writes:

I just finished this sweater it is a test knit for Public Works Pullover by Sarah Jordan.
this project is a little different for me because I didn’t spin this yarn, I bid on the hand spun yarn at an estate auction of a woman who was downsizing. she had almost 50 wheels in the auction and several lots of yarn. I bid on this lot of yarn because I wanted some tools that were included in the bin.

I ended up with 30 skeins of this grey 2 ply and each skein is over 200 yards(there is also some lace weight in a dark blue and some white that has already been knitted into a sweater for my daughter). I wonder how long it took her to spin all this and if she had a project in mind. I do know that she is a weaver also because there were several looms in the auction.
was this going to be woven into a warm blanket?
why was it abandoned?

I don’t think I will ever know but it feels good to use the yarn. I compared this yarn to my own hand spun as I knit. I tend to add too much twist and ply. this is lighter, something that I have been working towards. it is pretty consistent overall but not perfect.
I spun the contrasting color on a wheel I bought at the same auction trying to be looser as I drafted and not ply as tightly and I think it matches pretty well.
I know I have lots to learn about spinning but comparing some one else yarn to my own has helped me see that some of the inconsistencies I worry about aren’t that bad overall and I just need to get over it and use what I make.

I wanted to share this project because it’s such a good reminder! Thanks Mary!

Works in Progress

Hyssop by Leila Raven

  • Ripped out a previous knit to re-claim this yarn
  • Was torn about which pattern to choose out of Leila’s new book, To The Point: The Knitted Triangle.
  • Wanted to knit something that would really showcase the yarn because this is still to this day one of my favourite yarns! Chose the pattern with the wrapped stitches
  • Pattern calls for aran weight yarn – substituting sport/light DK and downsizing my needles to 4mm from the called for 5.5mm for a slightly smaller shawl

SweetGeorgia Yarns Gotland

  • Spinning with a distaff — managing hands and placement learning curve
  • Enjoying fineness of spun yarn — keeping medium twist

Finished Objects

Christmas Wreath

  • Didn’t work to wrap yarn around – too many sticks poking out and disrupting look of yarn/wreath
  • Decided to try making pom-poms – worked really well!
  • Added some clusters of bells and a few pinecones
  • made from crepe spun yarn, homemade batt


Tea towels & bath sheets for the girls (Norah & my niece) – 2/8 cotton and cottolin

  • Will discuss them when I am finished – weaving at 18EPI
  • Have not had a chance to really work on them over the past couple of weeks
  • See The Wool Stream for more!


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Thank you so much for joining me today! I hope you enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing some of you next week, Christmas Eve, in our Wool Stream – I hope you are able to join us. Until then, Happy Spinning!

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