How I Spin Introduction: Yarn Substitution

Dear Spinning Circle,

Welcome to How I Spin! 

My name is Rachel Smith and I can be found on Ravelry and Instagram as welfordpurls. I host the weekly videocast, Wool n’ Spinning, which is live streamed for patrons of the show through I have been spinning and knitting for more than 10 years. My true love is creating from my handspun yarns and I look forward each week to sharing that journey with you! 

How I Spin is an opportunity for me to share in more detail about the yarns that I spin throughout the weeks and months here at Wool n’ Spinning. We have looked at specific yarns in the past, including months devoted to a single textured yarn and other months devoted to series, such as our ongoing Sock Study that lasted 9 months and turned into a lot of other content in the process. 

Let me tell you about this current mini-series we will be delving into next here in How I Spin! 

If you would like to learn more, please check out the landing page of Patreon and look for the Co-Executive Producer & Attentive Spinner tiers specifically.

We also have a SPECIAL OFFER running that this time for the FREE ebook based on the How I Spin content we created in 2019: How I Spin: A Sock Study. Your link is provided when you join one of the tiers included in the Special Offer!

Consider joining us! Post any questions or queries in the comments below for me to answer so that others are able to see as well – if you have questions, others might have the same ones!

Happy spinning, knitting & dreaming,


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