Dear Spinning Circle,

Thank you for being here today, especially those who were able to make it to the Live Stream. I appreciate your time spent here in this place and me. I hope you feel most welcome because you are welcome here.

Enjoy the show!

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ONCOMING Yarn Substitution Content – May – August 2020

Q&A Sessions for our YARN SUB content! A new tier is active on Patreon for those wishing to participate in Q&A sessions for the YARN SUB content!

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Community Participation


For April and May, James and I have been carding up a storm and we would like to send out a batt made from the Friesian wool to someone in our community! It is a spongy, downy wool in dark brown and spins like a dream – more on it in the show today! What do you love about the Down breeds?

Book Club

#booksbooksbooks channel on Slack

As a community, we are delving into a Jane Austen Book Club. We will be reading Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen. Reading can begin anytime and @bethy40 (Becca) in our community will be coordinating Zoom Book Clubs for us to meet within to discuss chunks of the book at a time.

Made with Love – ALONG

Community-wide call to everyone in the community to participate in our Crafty Jaks Along to honour some of the people in our community! Cast on date: April 1st, 2020 with cast off deadline July 31st, 2020

Prizes! There will be fun prizes! Read the post linked above for details!

This is a time to do what we do best and get creative. This is the time to make and lift up others – please read Rebecca’s blog post to learn more about this Makealong and event if you would like to learn more about the creation of this amazing event.

Excited to be casting on with Katrina’s B-fabu-licious yarn in an OOAK that she had in stock (that I love) and making Anker’s Cardigan by PetiteKnits, a PURELY selfish knit at this time!

Megan (@lykkemeg, post no. 185) shares:

Swatching for my cadha hat by kellyg in my bfl/silk lava love! I’m excited to knit this!

51 Yarns SAL – Community-Wide Participation (2019 – 2022)

51 Yarns – Group A – Corespun

Rebecca (@rebbiejaye, post no. 903) shares:

The blue has a worsted weight wool core; the pink has a Kidsilk Haze core and was intentionally thick and thin. You can see the big difference in how they wove up!

51 Yarns – Group B – Double-Coated Wools

Maria (@palmikkopuu, post no. 368) shares:

I try to make a comeback. I have been spinning something else but not s.o. much 51 yarns. This dual coat experiment I made a year ago with Åland sheep wool. They come originally from the islands between Finland and Sweden. They often have dual coats, but not always. The inner wool ( in Iceland they call it theal) is soft and short and outer ( in Iceland, tog) is very long and rough. I separated the coats just pulling out the the most of the long fibers. I spun them separately 2ply yarns. The feel of the yarns is very different. In lopi style yarn in Iceland they spin both coats together into the singles and then both of them together loosely in same direction as the singles where spun. In the Group A Spinners’ Study there is a lot of info of Icelandic sheep breed chain. Also a good article from Ply magazine web pages. Try to ready more from there, if you are interested. I fail to link the article.

Thanks so much for sharing Everyone!

Make NINE Progress

Making some changes to my projects that I would like to make this year, based on some purchases from ‘Fibres West’ last weekend & thinking about what I would like to make, wear & add to my wardrobe.

Many recent changes have resulted in some major purging of my closet so I have been thinking about what I’d like to add & make!

Thoughts have lead me to some simple, cropped sweaters & some really lovely lace, open-front cardigans that can double as ‘jackets’ in the Spring and Fall

Make Nine Ravelry page Part I and II – changing & fluid project page as things progress, my thoughts solidify & I think about what to commit to going forward.

Make Nine 2020 - Pari II

Finished Objects – Knitting

Stonecrop Pullover by Andrea Mowry

  • Virtual Spin Group Make-along together – anyone interested in making the Stonecrop, please comment!
  • After much, much reflection on the yarns I spun for the Ashford article – featuring Crafty Jaks fibres & colourways – decided to utilize them separately
  • Have always felt this pull to always use yarns together in big projects but I’m finding more and more that this doesn’t always work out in real-time
  • Obtained gauge on 3.75mm needles – called for in-pattern
  • Working with Katrina’s Tough & Tender Targhee yarn so that I had a ‘matching’ yarn to compliment the Targhee/Bamboo/Silk handspun in ‘Fractured Dawn’
  • Feeling very excited about this yarn & knit! Lots of actual knitting in it though – many hours ahead!

Works in Progress – Spinning

Three Waters Farm & Unlabelled 100% Falkland – Combo Spin

  • Ashford eSpinner – mindless spin – backyard spinning video
  • Aiming for 18WPI for a finished 11WPI DK yarn
  • Don’t want tons of yardage – would like to make a good-sized shawl
  • Stash busting – #groomyourstash with Sasha of Sheepspot

Friesian Fleece – Sampling for the Shore Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hoge

  • James is helping me to card it all — very downy and spongy
  • Lovely dark brown with heathering from the lighter tips
  • Spun to a DK (11 WPI) and very light to the hand – sample is just a few grams
  • Knit sample on 5.00mm, 4.5mm, 4,00mm needles

Thank you so much for joining me today!

Until then, Happy Spinning!

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