Dear Spinning Circle,

Thank you for being here today, especially those who were able to make it to the Live Stream. I appreciate your time spent here in this place with me. I hope you feel most welcome because you are welcome here. 

Enjoy the show!

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Join Team WOOL N’ SPINNING for Tour de FLEECE!! The Ravelry group thread is here – come tell us what you’re working on! The Patreon post with more information for EVERYONE is here.

ONGOING Yarn Substitution Content – May – August 2020

Q&A Sessions for our YARN SUB content! A new tier is active on Patreon for those wishing to participate in Q&A sessions for the YARN SUB content! 

Virtual Spin Group meets weekly on Tuesday mornings at 9am PDT for those interested. Check the Patreon Tiers here for space availability! 

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For a softcover copy of How I Spin: A Sock Study, check here

Unbraided: The Art & Science of Spinning Colour – EBOOKS available here & book orders can be made here


Breed & Colour Studies

Katrina and I are on-track to have links up for you to access ordering. Please mark July 15th on your calendar for when the study fibre will be going live. Listen for July’s episode of Wool n’ Spinning Radio, which will be released on July 1st for details! 

Community Participation

For June, tell us about your current spinning projects & things you are thinking about presently here.

Book Club

#booksbooksbooks channel on Slack

As a community, we are delving into a Jane Austen Book Club. We will be reading Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen. Reading can begin anytime and @bethy40 (Becca) in our community will be coordinating Zoom Book Clubs for us to meet within to discuss chunks of the book at a time. 

We are currently reading How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. We are discussing dates to meet and come together for this monthly book club. 

Made with Love – ALONG

Community-wide call to everyone in the community to participate in our Crafty Jaks Along to honour some of the people in our community! Cast on date: April 1st, 2020 with cast off deadline July 31st, 2020

This is a time to do what we do best and get creative. This is the time to make and lift up others – please read Rebecca’s blog post to learn more about this Makealong and event if you would like to learn more about the creation of this amazing event.

Excited to be casting on with Katrina’s B-fabu-licious yarn in an OOAK that she had in stock (that I love) and making Anker’s Cardigan by PetiteKnits, a PURELY selfish knit at this time!

Becca (@bethy40, post no. 14) shares:

Last week I finished the first spin of the CraftyJAKs fibre I ordered this spring. Decided to go for a very basic comforting spin. It’s the Into the Deep colourway on Targhee. I spun my standard 3ply (stripped braid into 16 strips) and ended up with a light DK weight yarn. No plans for project yet.

51 Yarns SAL – Community-Wide Participation (2019 – 2022)

51 Yarns – Group A – Be Kind, Rewind

Megan (@lykkemeg, post no. 953) shares:

Fiber: Crafty Jaks BFL silk in Lava Love!

Wheel: flatiron 17:1

Structure: 2 ply worsted spun “long forward” (drafted about 2.5 in per draft forward:)

Rewound onto bobbins, then plied.

Reflections: Well, you read my theory of spinning the last post. I am generally not a rewind person ,but that is because I generally prefer to spin woollen prepped wools like Shetland that lend themselves to loft and air without aligning the fibers. When I spin these long draw woollen low twist, which is myh default for colorwork, which is my default knitting…. I have never found much different when I rewind them. I HAVE found a difference when I rewind long wools, and long shiney fibers like silk, thus, this skein was rewound. I do think it makes the yarn shinier sand smoother in those particular situations!

This yarn and fiber is beautiful, however, I very consistently find that I never put enough twist in my silk blends….

51 Yarns – Group B – Semi-Yarns

Nicole (@nicolevarrette, post no. 402) shares:

This is my semi worsted spun from commercial combed top spun backwards draw with some smoothing. I had 200grms merino silk. I ended up with approximately 1000 yards of light fingering weight (about 20 WPI) 2 ply. I split each bump in two and plied half from each together. Super happy with how it turned out.

Thanks so much for sharing Everyone!

Make NINE Progress

Make Nine Ravelry page Part I and II – changing & fluid project page as things progress, my thoughts solidify & I think about what to commit to going forward.

Works in Progress – Knitting

Odyssey Shawl by Joji Locatelli

  • Gotland/Romney fleece, hand-combed, traditional 3-ply
  • Natural dyed – Que Bracho & Cocineal in gradient (had no idea what I was doing – copied recipe from Modern Natural Dyer to create gradient hand-dyed yarn) 
  • Discussed yarn dying in Episode 150 here
  • Open fabric, 6.00mm needles, modified for less stitches

Vellichor by Andrea Mowry

  • Crafty Jaks Tough & Tender in ‘Ocean’ and handspun Targhee/Bamboo/Silk in ‘Pesuta’
  • Started on 3.25mm/US 3 needles

Relaxed knitting, taking my time, no deadlines

Works in Progress – Spinning

Spunky Eclectic Woolpool – April Fibre Club “Chasing Rainbows”

  • Lendrum DT on 17:1, gentle twist, continuous short-backwards draft

Organic Polwarth – deep stash

  • Majacraft Suzie Pro, 28:1, short continuous backwards draft, worsted

 SweetGeorgia Yarns Yak/Silk 50/50 blend

  • Majacraft Suzie Pro, 28:1, lace kit, from the fold, off the tip

Finished Objects – Spinning

CraftyJaks Boutique South African Batt – with sari silk, thread & firestar

  • Eric’s turkish spindle, short forward with smoothing
  • Snyder Steampunk plying spinning, created plying ball

Sanjo Silk MugaSanjo Silk Ltd.

  • Majacraft Suzie Pro, 28:1, lace kit, short continuous backward draft with smoothing

Kingdom Fleece & Fiberworks Pin-Drafted Roving 

  • Lendrum, 17:1, Continuous backward draft

Combo Spin – Three Waters Farm & unlabelled fibre 

  • Ashford e-Spinner 3

Thank you so much for joining me today! 

Until then, Happy Spinning!

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