BONUS Vlog: Spooky Hallowe’en Rolags

Happy Hallowe’en, Spinning Circle!

Direct YouTube Link here.

I hope you have something fun planned, even though there will be no parties or gatherings this year! I hope a physically-distanced gathering is possible wherever you are — and if not, I hope spooky movies and candy is in your plans!

In a moment of creativity (madness?), I made a bunch of Hallwe’en rolags inspired by a previous project I’d made (pictured below) and I wanted to create the colour repeats again but this time on my blending board! 

Hallowe’en inspired batt (2017) – Hallwe’en Vlog here 

Previous Blending Board Teaching Content here

Chain-plied yarn spun from Hallwe’en batt above. Handspun Ravelry page here. Below, the finished Hallowe’en toque using the pattern from Ann Weaver, Fixation.

Thank you for tuning in today! 

Stay safe this celebratory day & remember, wear your masks, be kind & stay calm!



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