BONUS Vlog: Spooky Hallowe’en Rolags | Spinning (Part II)

Happy Hallowe’en, Spinning Circle!

Direct YouTube Link here.

I hope you have something fun planned, even though there will be no parties or gatherings this year! I hope a physically-distanced gathering is possible wherever you are — and if not, I hope spooky movies and candy is in your plans!

Yesterday, in a moment of creativity (madness?), I made a bunch of Hallwe’en rolags inspired by a previous project I’d made (pictured below) and I wanted to create the colour repeats again but this time on my blending board!

Today, we will get on the wheel and I will take you through spinning the rolags themselves! I chat about some ideas as I spin and share my reflections with you.

For the finished yarns, tune into tomorrow morning’s Live Stream at 8:30am PDT! We have NOT ended Daylight Savings here (that’s tomorrow morning, Nov 1st @ 0200hrs) so the show is still scheduled on PDT!

Until next time,

Happy Hallowe’en!

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